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  1. I have a couple that I think I last used 20 years ago. Now they've migrated to the lowest layers of my fishing stuff in the basement. It'll be a miracle if I ever find them again. -bd
  2. Wow. Haven't seen a shore-caught pollock that big in a while ! -bd
  3. Its not the Fall Run. Its the Fail Run
  4. Last two mornings in the same general area I got one 33" and gazillion, jillion schoolies. It becomes a matter of how long do you want to spend sifting through shorts for a decent fish? I generally lose my patience around mid Nov. -bd
  5. Most likely they are not looking for fish, as that takes way too much work. They are looking for guys catching fish. A commonplace on the canal this year, looks like its infected rhode island.
  6. The tough one may be smallmouth. But with effort, I think you could knock off the other three in one day. A trifecta anyways. Might be able to hit a slam with an albie, if the stars align right. -bd
  7. And in fact Cap'n Don's was at Dunn's for years back in the day before he wound up at Q. Not a SWE style operation but he had a great location. -bd
  8. Never mind that. The white perch numbers were awesome !
  9. Actually I think it stops then. Earlier dawns but earlier sunsets. -bd
  10. Law as written in 1972: MMPA prohibits the "taking" of marine mammals, and enacts a moratorium on the import, export, and sale of any marine mammal, along with any marine mammal part or product within the United States. The Act defines "take" as "the act of hunting, killing, capture, and/or harassment of any marine mammal; or, the attempt at such." There have been a number of amendments that have broadened the concept of taking, but generally only for limited scientific research purposes or incidental to commercial fishing and all require special permits. Also certain Alaskan native tribes are allowed some taking for subsistence. -bd
  11. I'm guessing the US Marine Mammal Protection act outlaws possession and/or consumption of sea mammals protected under the law no matter where they are caught. But I don't know for sure. Will see what I can find.
  12. Especially for the bait.
  13. But Massholes are just called Massholes.
  14. It's one of those spots that looks very fishy, but the few times I've fished it I've only come up with blues there. Maybe a schoolie or two. However, this was all daytime, night may be a different story. It's off the beaten path for me and better spots are closer. -bd