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  1. I tried peeling an orange today and it called me a pervert.
  2. This is why i use jigs and fish close to the bottom most of the time. I think many guys are at least aware that stripers spend a lot of time chasing bottom critters. But most spin guys from what ive seen prefer plug or surface fishing. It takes a certain commitment to pursue slow jigging most of the time.
  3. How'd the shim work? It solved the line lay problem on mine.
  4. Not NJ, but in RI late April and even early May at dusk can be winter jacket weather out front with any kind of wind. Going way up inside the bay noticeably warmer, both air and water temp. -bd
  5. So has your blood thinned yet? Are 60s now cold?
  6. Certain limited areas on the canal are fishable at high tides from the service rd. I would only recommend them at nite however as you likely to get dirty looks during the day, unless its off peak seazon. Pm me if u want more info when the time comes.
  7. Are these xraps or something else?
  8. Is this don yee?
  9. Well into the 60s forecasted a cpl of days next week.
  10. Ed as usual is the height of fashion.
  11. Yeah the street method is not advised in a high traffic area. Ive respooled on the canal service rd at 2 am but even that can be risky these days.
  12. Mothers Day traditionally the start of a few scattered bigger fish. I really dont get super serious abt the canal until mem day, if then. June or early aug into late sept are best bets if you are planning a trip from far away. I can think of far less stressful places to catch schoolies or small keeps in april and well into may.
  13. I caught only a handful and incidental to canal fishing for bass. im sure i would have caught more had i visited some higher percentage spots more often and put more effort into targeting them. only have so much time