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  1. I've seen monk parakeets as far up as Rhode Isl, but never north of there. Frankly I'm surprised they can survive the winters even that far north.
  2. It's total luck of the draw. The group around me on Monday clearly got the whole timing thing down, so no problem there. But what they didn't understand was the 1 legal per person per day rule.
  3. It may be tough. That's where they are stashing all the poached fish.
  4. Well let's hope they take that to heart and it does result in more boots on the ground. It did happen to some extent last Aug after a lot of hue and cry. Although I can't prove it without doing a pat down , I very much doubt that the poachers I saw over the last ten days had any kind of license. -bd
  5. There are no rules? Cant wait 'til august.
  6. No script needed. Just set up a trail cam on sat am and pick it up on sunday. Maybe fly in the kardashians for a cameo.
  7. Exactimundo. Never would have guessed it.
  8. I'd settle for any tide at this point. I heard drones were hovering at select Canal locations today. But I know not who is operating them or why.
  9. The genie is out of the bottle when it comes to close-quarter fishing in blitzlike conditions. Accepted that a long time ago. My only hedge against it, and lately it's been a weak hedge at best, is fishing late at night only. It is what it is, and I choose to fish in it. My only whine is about the poor enforcement of fishing laws, especially when violations are rampant and in plain view. If that makes me a crybaby, so be it. Forget theme parks. I don't think I'd tolerate a costumed Mickey Mouse greeter at my rock very well. Other than that, you may want to change the vegetable references from pickles and cucumbers to something else.
  10. I was going to say conger eel, but it does look like a small cusk.
  11. Nope stay home.
  12. It's also illegal to take more than one 28" or greater bass. Or fish without a saltwater license. Or highgrading. You could paper over the field at Gillette Stadium with citations for any of the above the past week. Did not see one uniformed EPO in five night trips since last week. Possibly they were there in plainclothes but I have no idea how you could tell?
  13. Bet its the Russian River-Kenai confluence in AK. The Canal of Alaska.
  14. I may be wrong but I don't think the OP was suggesting the Canal.
  15. Yup. The great side effect of all this is the night fishing elsewhere is uncrowded. I can pretty much count on a couple of RI night spots for solitude, quiet, and some fish.