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  1. Only good news there is a face hook is unlikely to have a fish attached to the other treble...unless you are in the habit like some of kissing the fish you catch.
  2. Back in medieval times, they splashed "suspect" women with holy water to see what would happen. If they showed any visible reaction, they'd be branded as witches. Holy water was like burning acid to those possessed by the devil.
  3. Bet on it !
  4. I went down around 5 pm yesterday expecting horrendous early holiday traffic. but It was no worse than typical commuting volume. Maybe they are saving it up for today? This was Rte 495 BTW, not 93/3.
  5. Jurys out on the bull for me. I got a sinking model. For a swimming plug it casts like a rocket with little effort and runs fairly deep. more distance than an sp or xrap but those have their place for sure. Im undecided on the action as i havent used it much yet. I did get one small fish on it so far. i cant remember if i canal rigged it. That may be the next step to free the action a bit.
  6. Actually they are underrated. The more contaminated you are, the more immune you become. Bring 'em on !
  7. Micro/dink/twinkie/rat. Nano = striper under 10 inches. Freakin' huge cow/corker/hawg.
  8. Thats a heckuva fish for anywhere let alone nh or maine.
  9. I dont have a dog in the squid game, but i would say yes...too specific.
  10. It's does have its uses, and not always for small fish. Useful for smaller bait, match-the-hatch situations.
  11. Thanks. Generally only use them in the ditch but need to expand my beach repertoire. :-)
  12. There is also an sp that is smaller than 6". Three size classes.
  13. Hell I'd polish that off in one day.
  14. Horizontal wind driven rain yesterday early am although it let up a little at first lite. But this was at one of them fishless ri places.
  15. Just out of curiosity, what size ms do u use for estuaries like that? I assume suspending or floating but curious abt weight...