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  1. Maybe Kirk'll drop in on him
  2. Are these impact resistant super glues a recent devt? I used Gorilla glue 5 years ago, but it didn't seem more durable to me than regular super glue. I now use Loctite professional super glue which is "ok" but still doesn't solve the durability problem. The way I cope with it now is Loctite plus a zip tie and I use jigs with the reverse cone shaft to hold the rubber better. That solution is reasonably durable, but I've always felt a strong "rubberized" super glue would work even better if it's fairly quick drying. -bd
  3. I don't see many noobs or ppl in need of assistance (other than maybe drunks falling in) at 12-4 AM. But that's just me. -bd
  4. Surprised there aren't at least schoolies on 'em but it's getting pretty late in the season around these parts. -bd
  5. Some nice loookin' water (and fish) there. Beats couch sitting !
  6. 1. I wouldn't miss the lights, either head or pole. 2. But I would miss my green LED light, it's great for blinding muggers, kinda like a laser pointer. 3. Watching youngstahs catching 40 lbers on Barbie poles can't be missed. -bd
  7. Is the Slimwave new? Never heard of it.
  8. M80s work even better.
  9. Ive finally given up. The rods and reels come out but the mess is permanent. If i need room i just move stuff to the side and pile it up.
  10. Dont give him any ideas...
  11. Got about 7 " in hopkinton. Let the melting begin !
  12. Not to mention the supermkt panic buying and shelves already picked clean.
  13. Light to moderate in hopkinton but not sticking yet
  14. Post pix. Always like those schoolies in the snow shots.