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  1. You don't have the old one?
  2. I don't get the pushbutton starts - are people that lazy?
  3. I do have a cylinder in the drivers side door of my truck, and Jude does have one in her Jetta, although Greg's GTI had a hidden one of some sort. But get this - If you lay your key , say in the cupholder or dash on the Ram, the ****ing thing will lock the doors! What the hell is the point of that? I did it in Rhody, had to call AAA.
  4. Tiny crack in the wall, what would you use Bob Vila?
  5. Sure - this is how the plovers started.
  6. Wouldn't a billionaire be smart enough and rich enough to just hire hookers? It's just stupid.
  7. I'm in - thanks
  8. I think mine was pissed that I told the kids.
  9. Why?
  10. I was plastering and heard it ringing, but the pot life was running out and the phone was charging. She got groceries and was able to open the trunk but the button on the key fob wasn't working. She was cold, and needed me to bring her the spare. By the time I called, she got lucky and it worked, must be a weak battery. It was terrible I tellya. When she got home, I pointed out that you could just stick the key in the door and turn it, like you used to. Dontcha just love em?
  11. Hey wringer - why are you harrassing these owls?
  12. Oh, now that you mention it.........................
  13. Never heard of her.
  14. I think that as long as she keeps her grades up and recognizes that it is the top priority, she's good. Seems that she does too. Teenagers can handle a lot, but sadly it seems many do not, especially in this day and age. I worked at Howards Shell after school and Saturdays, honor student, played hoop and tennis, had a girlfriend, smoked dope,gearhead, fished - you can do it all, but you have to prioritize. I think too many kids are way too idle these days, and that leads to it's own kind of problems.
  15. He was a necrophiliac?