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  1. Well yeah - curly fur, hugh head, incessant whiner - like that. Not my choice, but I could see it.
  2. No, it's just unistrut and conduit that I had laying around - I bought cheap sandspikes for the liners.
  3. I'm gonna save this thread. Say you could hybrid up with a critter, and raise it together in a nice mixed species family. What critter would ya pick?
  4. Looks like a Wrangler ****ed a Fiat.
  5. Pfft - I stole a big block and a muncie from a 442 and put it in my Nova in front of the owners house. At night.
  6. Nope 4 stroke, I told him the etec would be faster. [video]
  7. I used to slalom behind a 50 on a 14' Glaspar, but I had to dry start. Now he's leaning toward the 115 Yammi. I told him that this doesn't change the "I can take it anytime I want" deal.
  8. Jase eats carp?
  9. Good boy, Tim.
  10. Oh yeah? How many of you asshats could do drum brakes?
  11. Yeah and Rav was saying it's going down - but it didn't , did it?
  12. The foam's dry, it just that these old boats were built for old 2 strokes - that 90 Johnson is about 100 lbs lighter than the new 115's . I don't wanna get my crocs wet.
  13. You guys are dolts. YA ever have the chick that says she wants to, but really can't?
  14. I knew a chick like him once, it hurt too much before I even took my drawers off.
  15. These boats are weight sensitive, and 115 should push it real nice.