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  1. Depth doesn't really matter, but you will usually see them relatively close to shore - typically just out of casting distance I would go eastern sound especially early in the season, just follow the coastline, and wait until they show.
  2. Start around first week of Sept, end around first week Nov.
  3. What is your PH? If it's too low, the water won't retain the chlorine.
  4. You're so cool.
  5. I make the coffee for the office every morning. We get the DD grind by the case. I'm not even the first one in usually, but dammit, I'm the one who ends up making it. Every day.
  6. He is polite.
  7. I can't really tell the difference, or don't care, not sure which.
  8. I'm sorry Tim, but red dicks = EJECT. See ya tommorrow.
  9. Shucks, Tim beat me. 40 - 50/day is nutz - if that were the case, something is broke and you should really tell these flare boys to knock it off. Or is it fake news? Tim, just direct the flares to me, I'll deal with this. Might need a button or 2.
  10. What could possibly happen in the foodeh that is flare worthy?
  11. Gotcha - yeah, that's not fun. I was kinda hoping Jim would give it a shot tomorrow - but no call yet. Sat is looking sketchy off Montauk, maybe t-storms, don't know what the seas will be.
  12. Well, you can't just shoot someone for knocking you on your ass - charges should have been filed right away. He should have got up and clocked the dude and then shot him in the scuffle.
  13. What's 3 @ 6 ?
  14. That's what I was thinking/hoping. So, instead of tiny bucktails, I'm gonna go with an SP, or maybe a flat fall jig, or something.
  15. You're no Belmo