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  1. To recruit someone does not mean one has to be successful.
  2. I understand that. But the Rep Party's intent was to point out the goodness in being an American. The fact that the Rep Party only read the chorus and not the rest of the lyrics (which is typical BTW) is not relevant. Ronald Reagan, right now is spinning in his grave at warp speed at the mere mention of having an ambassador of the United States of America interrogated by a government run by a KGB agent. The swabs can spin it any way they want, but that is a truth.
  3. Reagan Era Republican theme song. Trump Era Republican theme song
  4. Geez you are a ...nevermind. Time to go fishing.
  5. Are you saying Russians aren't people? The MLIC seems to think they are and holds them in high regard. Particularly the manful and manly ones like Pooty.
  6. Actually the Big Nothingburger has netted 32 people and 3 companies with 100 criminal counts. Buts it's a Big Nothingburger.
  7. Bump. Since none of the usual 'swabs cared to really deal with it
  8. Left the dem party after the Lewinsky thing. Further, I do not believe anybody is above the law. Period. Do you believe a president should be above the law? That if a felony is committed he should not even be questioned? If Big Bill had beaten Monica within an inch of her life would you have said, "Well he is president, he is special, nobody should question him."
  9. I don't know what the dims will do, but what bothers me is his notion from a paper from 2009 in the Minnesota Law Review
  10. I don't go to the Tavern. Given what you just wrote it sounds like a wise choice on my part.
  11. Some of these guys really do have a sickness. Who waits around for one person to post, then swoops in within hours or even minutes to insult and belittle that one poster? People with no life who are miserable and build themselves up by implying the person of their scorn is gay? Really? How sad and pathetic.
  12. The jury is out on the first bold. How many eventual Trump voters actually supported Sanders in the Dem primaries. Indeed, the dems put up the only dem who could lose to Trump. Sanders v Trump would have been very interesting. The second bold is a maybe. I think of it more as a shot across the bows of the entrenched corporatist dems. Wasn't that one of the pros of Trump, his not being beholden to the corporatists in the Rep party?
  13. Whether you agree with her politics or not a young woman in NYC just proved my point. And in her successful campaign to primary a ten term dem, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did not mention Trump at all.
  14. On an individual basis, based on actions, words etc. Think of it as conscientious objector. If I do not want to take what I consider dirty money from a patron, if the money I take would be in essence is supporting something I find ethically, or morally wrong for me, that is my right. So I understand where the restaurant owner is coming from. But again the bigger picture is, personal feel good (throw Sarah Sanders out) vs. the greater good of what you are espousing (rejection of Trump policies) in a coming election. I question whether the owner's actions, or DeNiro's rant really help get rid of the person you want out. Better to knock on doors and articulate a message and get the vote out.