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  1. you wont be back till june 1st i need more haddock
  2. way to go Ben!!!!!!
  3. i have an avet on a custom seeker w/ 50# pp and an ambassador 7000 on a hand crafted star rod i use for bait rigs , i cast or troll mostly with an ambassaduer 5600 & 6500 on medium 7' rods w/ 50# pp and early in the year i use a stratic 2500 on a 6'-6" med light w/ 10#pp to cast fin-s and sluggo's
  4. what a day out there with great friends. caught my first pollack 3 total and couple more haddock and a really big cusk ,and a few small sharks too busy for many pics, whales seen all day which was very, we did get real close at one point and took some pics here's a pic of leftys' hake (first one i've ever seen) ben bringing my biggest cusk over the rail ....we kept him busy all day here's some whales pics
  5. to our host thanks so much for an awesome time dave . it was nice to meet all of you. it was a nice day out there for sure . i thought the capt. and crew was outstanding , very helpful and professional . can't wait to do it again next year i ended up catching 5 haddock and 1 cod ...all on the same fly (teasers),i tried a bunch of stuff but my haddock special was all i caught them on.
  6. sounds awesome dave . i can't wait . all loaded up and heading to bed in a 2 hours.... starting early so i might sleep a few minutes
  7. thanks for the reminder on the ice just put some jugs in the freezer and washed out the cooler . man i can't wait
  8. you have to be kidding ...........no one beats beans' guarantee. try bringing in a 20 year old rod and getting your money back at cabelas .....not. no prob at beans
  9. i'm in too wow this is gonna be a nice pool
  10. i went on it once.....worst trip in my life , will never go on it again
  11. what magic fly i hope it's what i been tying and what do you mean you wont kill macks??????????? we need them for bait to kill all those cod and haddock
  12. is any tackle provided like lead? and bait ? just checking
  13. man, is it time yet.....i can't wait . i tied some teasers on 5/0 and 8/0 and picked up some new jigs. maybe even pull off the new rod and reel i been dying to get ....see what the wife has to say. i'm so syked ......did i mention i was ready to go so we don't need to bring any food with us ?
  14. sure looks good skippah. i can't wait to get out there and try some new gear out