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  1. as was said, you will get all kinds of answers. On my 12 and 12 1/2 footers I want the middle of the reel at 30 1/2" from the butt. On my one and only 13 footer, 31" from the middle of the mounted reel to the butt is the right answer for me.
  2. I had an 03 250 with the 5.4. It was a great beach vehicle. I ran a camper on it for a couple of years. Got rid of it a couple of years ago with 190k miles on it. It was still runnuing strong but starting to rust in a couple spots.No major issues or repairs...oil change every 5k miles and other standard maintenance. It was a good solid truck. $7k is too much for an 02.
  3. Penn 155

    +1 what Rick said. Start with mono...get used to the reel b4 putting braid on it.
  4. Penn 155

    Surf Casting Penn Fathom 15 would be my first choice, Fathom 12 the second. I own both. Additionally, I dont use level winds. Both of those reels are fast out of the box, but they can be adjusted.
  5. Penn 155

    Penn Fathom
  6. I too use Neats foot oil on my leather sheath
  7. We all need to be calling and writing our Senators. I know calling is a pain, but at least you can relay your frustration to an aide if not the Senator. If this bill passes the Senate, it will surely be signed. It needs to be stopped in the Senate. If not, we might as well junk the Manguson Stevens Act.
  8. Money talks. If fishing is curtailed or restricted, there is no reason to join their organizations or buy their products.
  9. I have 2 yetis and an Orca. I use the smaller yeti strictly for bait. The other yeti and orca are strictly for food and fish. I believe the Orca holds ice longer. Regardless of which brand you end up with, you need to pre cool them the day or night beforehand or you will be wasting ice to cool them down. I have had ice form in water bottles in the Orca.
  10. how much?
  11. Reel received.Thank you Chass and SOL
  12. Paypal for the Penn 340 just sent
  13. I offer $50.00 shipped for the Penn 340 and can pay via paypal
  14. Appears to have a lot of similarities to the Abu's
  15. Dexter or Rapala. Dexter for the larger fish and Rapala on the small stuff.