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  1. You don’t have to remove the hooks. Get a standard 2” receiver and weld a plate on it to fit below the hook and fabricate another plate to go above the hook and run a bolt thu them. In the pics below, the bottom plate is welded to the receiver and it is threaded to accommodate the bolt. There used to be a company called Bodiak that made these, but I believe they have gone out of business. You can obtain the hitch receivers from tractor supply, trailer supply, or auto parts place. I had a guy that repairs horse trailers do the welding on the ones you see below. This set up has been moved from my old truck to my current truck with no issue.
  2. If you have sliding rear window, the butt of the rod is in the truck bed and the tip end is in the cab.
  3. If you do nothing else...air down to 20lbs. You want the tires to balloon so you float over the sand, not dig in. Put it in 4wd and let the transmission do the the work unless you run into difficulty. Once in the sand, get your speed up to 15mph and let off the gas. If you keep rolling, your air pressure is ok. If the vehicle comes to an abrupt stop, let a couple more lbs of pressure out. There are two types of drivers on the sand. Those who have been stuck and those who will get stuck. It happens to everyone at least once, sooner or later. Dont worry about it. Your truck will handle the sand just fine, provided you air down.
  4. I agree with the others...get rid of the bobber
  5. The fathom is an excellent reel and will work from the kayak, beach, or boat. I have both the 12 and 15. They are both great. You may also want to checkmout the Diawa Saltist BG20 h or 30h.
  6. What woowoo said. Several coats of polyurethane.
  7. For info, my browning holster is a clip on
  8. A liitle to full for me, but each to their own...
  9. Penn Fathom 15 or Diawa Saltist BG 30h or Saltist BG20h. I have been using the Saltists for several years and the Fathoms for the past 2. I like them both. The Saltist fits my hand a little better.
  10. Hey Tina, I searched every supply house trying to find this or something similar. I had one made out of leather 20 years ago and it was a such a pain to use, I ended up ditching it. Are you sure he wants this or would even use it? The closest thing I could find was a parade Flag Staff holder and the pocket on those appeared to be higher than necessary for holding a surf rod. One of the earlier posters suggested it may be easier to find a cobler (or luggage repair) and have one made and that is probably the case. If this was something that was useful to the general population of surf fisherman, all of the tackle houses would sell it or something similar. I will continue to look and if I can find anything call you. John B
  11. I had a truck camper for several years. The outside shower was used more than the inside shower. You may want to consider a 3 or 4 gallon porta potty vs the luga loo. It should fit in the closet and be out of the way. I was never checked anywhere for having separate black and grey water tanks. The kitchen sink should be the only sink you really need. Keep the closet for storage; that is the one thing I never had enough of (storage). BTW...good job on the set up.
  12. I crush the barb, cut the point off, and trash them
  13. How long are you gonna be there? I am planning to arrive Tues for 7 - 10 days.
  14. The kobalts arent worth a hoot after 2 or 3 hooks and they require too much effort to cut any hook. The knipex are superior and worth every penny.