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    got an early retirement from AT&T and then retired again from Consulting and Systems Integration
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    Surf Fishing
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    Currently retired, therefore, I irritate, aggravate, and agitate

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  1. I have the Costa Blackfins with prescription 580g. The rx on my prescription has changed and I am getting ready to order new lenses. These are the best sunglasses I have ever owned.
  2. I'm in. Thnx for the opportunity
  3. I too am ok with the policy. They will work with you if you have a legitimate complaint...legitimate being the key word.
  4. Carolina Cast Pro, Century Surfmax, CTS S7, Lami 1502
  5. MD got its 19" Striper with a requirement for in line circle hooks when bait fishing and certain date restrictions. VA withrew the appeal on Menhaden the day before the sceduled hearing and the Menhaden Management Board meeting was cancelled.
  6. I purchased a penn Clash3000 for my 9 year old (now 10yr) grandson. I got that size specifically because of the weight, capacity, and ability to use on a 9' surf rod as well as jigging from a boat. The reel is not to big, not to heavy, smooth, and easy for him to use. He likes it and I am happy with the performance thus far.
  7. I think both of you will be happy you did it.
  8. I use it as a shock leader on my light spinners and use it for tying bottom rigs.
  9. I gotta agree with what drumfish said above; this reel is impossible to blow up with all six brakes engaged. I usually fish 3 or 4 brakes.
  10. A healthy happy and prosperous New Year to all...have fun and be safe
  11. Merry Christmas to all.
  12. Blue, the only thing that matters is if you like the rod and it works for you. It will be better than one off the shelf. Good luck with it and enjoy it.
  13. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.
  14. Wow, sad news. Condolences to the family. RIP Earl.
  15. Paypal sent....check your PM's Thnx SOL