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  1. Just wanted to ask if the flies are back biting again with the west winds. Trying to see if it's worth driving down for. Still too early? I know it can be bad on the beach but what about "an inlet in Delaware"
  2. Out front yesterday on the No structure and flat beaches of Delaware looking for kings. No kings, 1 short striper and 2 large sharks that cut me off. Sharks were fun though.
  3. No, they don't taste like shark. The texture is soft, but the meat stays together very well. Very similar to scallops. Sweet in taste and they can "take-on" different sauces very well. YouTube has a ton of videos.
  4. Had skate last week, was delicious. Never tried a ray though, figure it would be the same.
  5. Thanks for all the replies and inputs. I agree with everyone, the replenishment needs to stop to some degree, I'm assuming it never will, the towns need the tourists to come. Until then, no fish in Delaware. Next year, Assateague OSV permit, no more Delaware "surf" tag.
  6. Can anyone tell me why Delaware beaches are really flat with very little structures, ie. rips, troughs, sandbars and only 1 wave that breaks on the lip of the beach? Looking at pictures from AIMD/VA and Jersey beaches this is not the case. They usually have several breakers, defined rips and very visible troughs. Is this because of beach replenishment? I'm definitely going to reconsider my beach tag for next year. Most who own them don't even fish!
  7. Out front yesterday. 3 skates, 2 dogs, and 1 shortie. Did see lots of birds working the water though. Short was on fish bites. Seems that bloods are the way to go this spring, but not paying $1 per worm.
  8. Fenwick and Cape today. Nothing but 1 skate. Having a hard time finding fresh bunker too. The "fresh" the bait store is selling isn't that fresh. At least 3-4 days old and not kept well.
  9. Dumb poachers. What's the average fine? They should confiscate the fishing pole too.
  10. Out front this morning at CHSP and 3R's, nada; not even a nibble. Bunker was untouched. Not even the crabs or skates touched it. Wind wasn't as bad. Held bottom with 4oz. But it was beautiful day.
  11. I'll be out Thursday am. Hopefully the wind won't be bad.
  12. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Attached below is my rig from today. NO bead. Didn't have any breakoffs either. Guessing it was the bead. Was out fishing north of IRI this morning, nada. Moved you CHSP, nothing but skates.
  13. Out on CHSP this morning, nada. Didn't see anything being caught by anyone else either. Afternoon/Dusk same thing but south of IRI. Lost 3 FF rigs on the cast today. This hasn't happened to me in years. The only thing I did different was I ADDED a small plastic bead after the sliding rig to protect the knot to the barrel swivel. Could the plastic bead be the culprit?
  14. Hit the beach yesterday. Managed 1 short at 22in and multiple blues lost to line biting.
  15. Very Nice Paul! Can't wait to pick her up! Just left voicemail.