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  1. Orca you've inspired me My first Lou Tabory's SNAKE FLY. I didn't have deer hair for spinning so I used the very short hollow hairs of my bucktail. Also, I tyed my first wrap as a Hollow, then ostrich and a vail of Hollow bucktail. Finished off with marabou and the substitute deer hair head. Looks pretty good..
  2. I've seen video of Dragon Tails with a plastic lip that swims slow and seductively. The tyer has developed a lip that is very effective. Pop Lip could be integrated to make the wiggle.
  3. Sea robins eat the same things as the flesh is very good to eat. Think monkfish...ugly and "who would eat that!" I would and did last night....yummy. Hoping the fluke will be in the surf for me this week, fun on the fly! And I do remember this day as two of my best friends now are on Wall....from kindergarten to high school they were great kids.
  4. My wife gave me my Regal in the 80s....still tye with it. Your with is so thoughtful and certainly knows her husband's pastime.
  5. My tail was usually marabou or some bucktail hairs. This is an exact fly that I've carried...Cape Poge Pond at night. Silversides everywhere, bass eating at will.......lucky these flys could catch. The best material was Jack's Corsair light and easy to work with.
  6. That is sweet! Great proportions on this tye... I can see it as a killer fly.
  7. It's a short hop to Baja!
  8. Great to see you on the Hollows with alternative materials. We need your talented tying skills.
  9. I spend my time fishing and all and really who cares if we haven't of this term? You post the quandary of "stuffed animal blah blah.." but where is your fly, what's your favorite that you use? A Lefty's is not a good crab fly......lets see your idea.
  10. Buy Snappy Tom add booze and celery.
  11. Jist go and read the posted parking regs. I park anywhere it is legal so should you...goid luck.
  12. Sandy Hook IBSP You can fish any town at night as long as you obey their parking regs.
  13. Unless the rules have changed that's not going to work. Call the Park Headquarters and they'll straighten out the confusion. That permit is beach parking as tours, events and daytime fishing are free to enter.
  14. Yup you are 100%'s a good deal. If had the scratch I'd jump all over this deal. I bought a lottery ticket tonite, hey a dollar and a dream, "new reel for me"
  15. On the's a striper! Oh nooooo a big blue YEAH! Beautiful evening's fishing in late May. Thanks Doomer for the memory.