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  1. Hang in there BFD! Hope you make it for a bit of fall fishing.
  2. For bonito that size a 7wgt would enhance the fight and still beat em quickly. I like my LP3 on a Orvis Clearwater 7wgt (bought on the BST Board) for this type of fishing. I have a very slim chance of bonito here in NJ from shore but it is possible.
  3. Way to go taistick, you are the man! I was not in the groove in the Keys missed a ton of shots. Nice catch!
  4. Sorry to say that it has been done before with the same success. Though I don't feel any water shooting out the side of a Crease Fly is adding to it's effectiveness. Nice job though, should add it to the Crease Fly thread on the Fly Fishing Board interesting.
  5. Great idea SnS there are things not written that have to be improvised. Bass.......stripers?
  6. I saw a guy that wrapped a thin "pillow", drop of CA then wrap as mentioned above.
  7. I just read of the passing of Art Lee.
  8. Get well soon BFD and I'll see you on the water soon.
  9. First of all fantastic flys posted since my last visit. Hill Top is killing it with thoes crabs. And Detomasson still with quality tyes...more I'm sure. Lefty's Deceivers pure and simple in silverside colors. Adult size is 6" and the juvenile is 4". Proven fly I'm gonna fish with high confidence.
  10. Sweet tyes....
  11. Congratulations nice'll never forget it.
  12. Rough incoming in NoMoCo did manage a 17" fluke on a Surf Candy. Was using a spin rod with Gulp but my fly did the trick. Water was really comfortable. Down the street from me the bay is loaded with bait...small but growing.
  13. Sweet little devils......hope they work on those jumpers.
  14. Hey big guy....there are shrimp near me all the time, maybe in the winter too if I would take out the seine net. If it's swimming and it's a shrimp then it's a meal. Was on Brewster flats last week and a close up study of the bottom I saw lots of shrimp.Larger shrimp by me....
  15. I'm liking this fly so will a striper or weakfish or LMB.....anything that loves a meal.