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  1. Supposed to be flying down to Ft Myers on Sunday...we'll see if that happens. May try to reschedule the trip for several weeks down the road
  2. Carp on the fly
  3. Finally on the 2018 'carp-on-da-fly' board...dummy hit a small clouser (was fishing for smallies)
  4. Although as a Sox fan, I'm happy to see the Yanks lose ground, it's only a game and a half and it's only May....and that's a very talented team you have down there...Lets wait to see what September brings
  5. How bad was Cleveland tonight? I thought the Celtics' offense was off tonight and they still blew them out...Announcers really hyping up C's D, and they did play well...but a lot of what happened to Cleveland tonight was self inflicted
  6. Yeah, and it was a rough ride...It was almost like that commerical where the old man is dangling a dollar and telling some poor sap that he's too
  7. Once down by more than 15%, now 1% up...and it was a rapid descent for the dems. I said more than a year ago that I hope the dems carry this 'Russia/collusion' narrative through the first term with no other message in sight...because it would sink them
  8. It's on ebay and it's mentioned right on a banner at the top of the page when you first click doesn't work for everything, but some nice deals are there to be had
  9. The party of 'Arkancide' calls the opposing party 'corrupt'....LOL
  10. Offer retracted - you mentioned 7' (sorry about that)
  11. Just read a report in the RI they're either around or getting close to our own waters
  12. Water temps are still down. Hopefully soon...
  13. Brennan looks like he's going to play the 'Arkancide' card on a few people
  14. Just put the news back on...LOL
  15. He's the captain of team 'Trump Derangement Syndrome'