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  1. ...with a napkin. I do that and see many others do it...yet I got called out for it today. It's on you if you want that extra fat in your body...but the person who called me out has no business calling out anyone on anything dietary/nutrition
  2. Your comment would have more merit if the level of proof was also on the same level - i.e. a person proven of sexually assaulting a child/minor is worse than what Al Franken did. However, suspicious 40 year old accusations with wishy washy details carry less weigh on a comparison scale than a 100% proven sexual assault against an adult...bring in something substantial towards proving the case against Judge Moore and we can talk
  3. Depends on the parts in question...I believe livers are on another, harder to obtain, plane than most other organs
  4. As per the other thread about his condition, he was waiting for a liver transplant (ala Walter Peyton) and one wasn't in the cards for him. RIP It seems like since the Mickey Mantle debacle (who was granted a liver transplant despite being a known alcoholic who wasn't going to change his habits), celebs don't get bumped to the top of the list - which I'm glad about, but still RIP to David
  5. Donald Trump just went off on the dumbass - calling him an ungrateful fool
  6. The fish sizes will probably be shrinking - but if you're just looking for action/bend in the rod, it's probably worth your effort
  7. I think they're draining themselves just fine
  8. So far, Wall St Journal, FOX, Washington Times - the articles concern her asking a judge to seal the testimony 'forever' over the fears and concerns I mentioned above
  9. Absolutely correct - a lot of dead ocean between these schools of fish. But when you find them, it's lights out
  10. She wants her testimony regarding the IRS baloney to be sealed forever, fearing threats of death. I wonder what she said that would lead her to say that....any clues?
  11. Regarding the one accuser who was interviewed yesterday (the one who was 14 years old at the time of the alleged incident), said she would only come out if others were coming do you work out the details of that behind the scenes, before anyone publicly knows of the story?
  12. I notice that the supposed implicating year book is now suddenly 'not available
  13. Nope - we're in an era where accusations for political gains are rampant. I feel bad if the allegations are true...but you can blame the liars, including the ones who accused Trump, for folks being suspicious of these claims Mitt Romney and John McCain came out and insinuated the same thing - that a mere accusation should be enough for someone to step down...and that's not right because not only does it fly in the face of innocent until proven guilty, but it also potentially sets the landscape for a new precedent - which is that if I see you running for an office and I don't like you, I can simply accuse you of having your way with a minor and're out of there
  14. If that's the story you want to stick with
  15. As an aside, both networks that Charlie Rose worked for have fired him