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  1. I wish they tried to gaff it and it went ape chit (like they are known to do)
  2. It's a line with an integrated 30' sinking head attached on the front end
  3. Was playing around with one in a shop today...the one in particular was the 10' model rated 3/4 to 3 oz. Felt like a pretty nice rod at first impression. Any one have this rod who can offer a fair review?
  4. Return it if you can and see if LL Bean has any of the NV-G series left. They marked them down due to the fact that they're not going to carry them anymore, and they're currently running a 25% sale to boot (even off stuff already on sale)...I picked up a 7/8 with 2 spools (to go with the 8/9 I already had for several years) because of this. You have to call the Freeport store direct as year are not listed on their online store.
  5. And the gunman didn't do it....the gun did
  6. Unbelievable how time flies...but definitely a nice message to forward along (ie thanking a first responder for the work they do)
  7. The appearance was more or less a clean looking break, not quite as clean as if you had put a saw to it. But surprisingly clean for what sounded like a loud pop. I'll see if I can find the thread I started as I included pictures. Luckily, I had bought it from the Freeport LL bean store and was able to return it at my local bean (Burlington, MA)...I think this returned would've been deemed justified by bean even by the recent change to their return policy (and was less than a year regardless)...I will add a caviat to what I described in the earlier thread (something I had found out since)...the artificial I was tossing (al gags rubber shad on a lead head) was misleading marked in terms of was listed at 3 oz, but that weight didn't include the weight of the lead head (bought and packaged as a soft plastic preloaded onto a lead head by the manufacturer) was probably more like 5 oz of weight I was throwing (rod was rated to 3 oz)...I rarely throw more than an oz on light tackle, thus didn't give the fact that it felt like it weighed a ton a second thought
  8. I plan on picking up the 10' at the RISSA show...just want a chance to handle one before making the plunge...while Natick Outdoor (here in MA) doesn't carry them at this time, they know the guy who wraps the rods are are raving about you know if they will be selling these rods? I'd buy from them instead if they're going to sell these
  9. I had one blow up on me as well...I started a thread about it during late summer (I can tell you that it was around when TS Jose passed by cape cod as I was catching albies at another location with other gear before I stopped by the cape cod canal and broke out my Tiralejo/VSX150 combo)...broke during a cast
  10. Seriously, Hillary should have won...not because she was the better candidate, but rather, the cards were stacked so far in her favor...but she sucked that bad as a candidate. If nearly 70% of those who voted for Trump admitted he wasn't fit to be President but voted for him anyway...that says a lot about Hillary. And they have the gall to accuse a few Facebook postings
  11. 'What happened' is that Hillary really was in Wisconsin and other states she accused of ignoring, but her Russian body double was in California pandering to rich Hollywood friends, distracting from her honest campaigning.
  12. Thanks a lot for the info...My presumption of this line having a floating running line was based on what I was told at me of the big box stores....given that I have that card + bean is currently running 25% sale, I think I'll jump on it
  13. I may look at one at those along with a redington zero reel
  14. I have an LL Bean gift card to burn and while I don't have any pressing needs, I was thinking about trying out one of these lines...any reviews would be appreciated...I do have mixed feelings about the floating running line, but not a deal breaker at this point