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  1. Also consider that he was already charged and tried for this garbage in the past and nothing came of it...I don't know how this didn't constitute double jeopardy (probably some technicality in the language of the charges)
  2. As I was saying yesterday, falling into the trap that speed is necessary for these fish is not a good thing. The saying/thought process is that 'you can't out reel and albie'...what's left out of that thought process is that perhaps albies aren't looking for a friendly competitive race....perhaps they're trying to eat to survive :-) And with that said, something that looks natural to what they normally see is better. Some baits do skip while trying to flee away, other baits get stunned and slowly flutter down, and others yet, just press up against the surface with no where else to go...Albies will attack differently depending which of these three (or more) scenarios are present... If you think albies bust hard on sliver sides, peanuts or juvie ought to see how they attack more hardy bait, such as finger mullet or tinker's shocking, when you think there's no way they could kick it up another notch (given how aggressive they already hit the smaller bait)
  3. Basically if I have to cover a lot of water for fish that are only roaming at the outer edges of casting range, I'll be throwing epoxy jigs....but if the are consistently within range, I'll either be throwing a zoom or albie snax, or a small plug...or (more than likely) fly fishing
  4. What's funny is that this is true - but overseas, grey nurse sharks (not to be confused with nurse sharks) are considered dangerous...and scientists are actually torn on whether grey nurse sharks are actually a separate species from sand tigers
  5. I would guess that the possibility of saving that leg is completing reliant on how well vascular viability can be restored...but there's no doubt that to some degree (leg saved or not), the leg will lose functionality
  6. I wonder when cape cod will overtake parts of Australia and S. Africa as the GWS capital of the world...
  7. I just heard (on Fox and Friends) was that Papadopoulos only has to serve 1-6 months and is not going to testify against Donald Trump...of course the unhinged left is trying to paint that as a victory
  8. Bait situation is good and improving every day...although while the spot I fished yesterday had plenty of bait, it was that tiny stuff that you often see spraying away from your lures as you retrieve them (peanuts were at the same location last week)... Overall, I've been on the bonito hunt the past two weekends, and had one quasi successful outing (two caught) and three trips with no signs whatsoever (although I later found out that I left the party early on the most recent skunking)
  9. The issue with these idiot is that they conduct their garbage near key tourist points in the city (gov't center, which is on the door steps of the north end, faneul hall, and the water front, to include the well as that little park/commons area on Boylston St, near the Dartmouth St intersection...
  10. Was it capt Jack Balint? He's a great captain. I booked him a few times a number of years ago...I pretty much prefer looking for these fish from shore nowadays...but if I was ever jonesing through a bad year from shore, I wouldn't hesitate a second to book him again
  11. Watching where the helicopters are hovering is the only way I know where these sharks are - not that I make of habit of looking for them...The first time was way before the shark population boomed in this area, and a great white got caught up in lackey's cover back in the early 2000's. Idiots in kayaks were going into the lagoon, paddling up to the shark and grabbing at its dorsal authorities had to step in before someone got bit and closed off the area...and one of the actions they took was to assign a helicopter to hold position over the area to watch for tresspassers....thus, everytime I hit woodshold to fish that fall, I always knew exactly where that shark was (despite being the better part of a mile away from me)
  12. Chris Sale on the DL again (10 day), for the same issue as before
  13. when I fished in Venice last month (which was the red tide's bullseye at the time), I found good fishing for snook in the ICW....scored pretty well on the fly
  14. The standard 'buy a deadly dick, throw it out and reel in as fast as you can' can have devastating effects on those who don't know better. Some times those fast retrieves do work, other times they don't...don't be afraid to pass up on the standard metals/jigs and throw small plugs, soft plastics (both weighted on a jig head and unweighted) instead.
  15. As an aside, Brian Kilmeade never struck me as someone who just says stuff for he caught my attention yesterday when he mentioned that he can't say anything yet, but warned all those who are supporting Brennan will soon be embarrassed in their support of him (insinuating that something is about to come out on the guy)