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  1. Became the second sox pitcher to reach 300 strike outs in a season (Pedro Martinez was the first, finishing with 313)...
  2. Unfortunately, some of the weather models are showing Hurricane Maria parked just about at Jose's current location at some point next week (maybe closer???)
  3. That's a fair point - I still think it's too early in the season for one storm to kill off the bite. But I do recall storms with several days of persistent NE winds chasing the albies out for good...but I tentatively recall these occasions happening later in the season (maybe early Oct???)
  4. In many places, it's been a smorgasbord of bait, including mainly massive amounts of peanuts, with chovie balls and silversides mixed in...In general, RI is a great place to target albies (of course you need to know your spots, and board rules prevents us from giving up these spots). However, we're currently in a weather pattern with a number of days with NE wind...we'll have to see how we come out of that
  5. The good news is that I bought it at LL Bean' s Freeport store and I can probably bring it back to my local bean. The bad news is that I bought while taking advantage of a 25% discount. Thus they're only going to give me $225, and since I don't think they have any more, I'll have to shell out $75 more dollars to replace it from somewhere else
  6. It may for a couple of days...but I don't think this will send them packing for the season
  7. PS - aside from the area where it snapped, the rod still looked in new condition...I've used it three or four times so far and it was not mistreated - although I should also note I was only throwing 2 oz pencils during those previous trips
  8. Today, I was using my seldom used Shimano Tiralejo (9' rated to 3 oz) and it snapped (the spot where it broke is about 8" below the ferrule - see pic below). Sounded like a gun shot. I was throwing 3 oz Al Gag's weighted soft plastic shads. I don't believe I was trying to excessively 'muscle' the casts...but did notice it felt slightly overloaded while throwing that weight...anyone else experience this, with this rod (or any other where the lure weight was technically within the specs of the rod)
  9. Jacks much larger than the 10-12 lb'ers you were catching...They can be 30, 40 or even 50 lbs down in that area
  10. The weather didn't stop the fish from playing - Here's a TS Jose' albie (although conditions were far from TS conditions - in fact it was kinda nice out)- slammed the epoxy jig with a nice surface strike while blind casting. Somehow was still foul hooked (saw another caught in a similar manner by another fisherman earlier in the day - in fact same situation, happened while he was blind casting)...
  11. I thought it was going to be a great weekend when I scored an albie on my second cast of the morning yesterday...but not really
  12. Some charts/models show it doing a full loop away from us then right back at us for a second brush/hit
  13. Spanish macs are almost the same way...the way they flip and toss makes them hard to control
  14. The only time I nabbed kings here in MA, I was getting them on small plugs (Yo-zuri TX Jr Minnows)....albies, spanish macs, and any other pelagic that swims in our waters like that lure as well (until they hit it)
  15. Don't look now, but we may get hit/brushed by this storm twice...according to some of the models I've seen on the Weather Underground site, this thing is supposed just brush the outer cape and islands, take a hard right turn, then loop back around. I can't imagine that not impacting some of the migration in some way (if that indeed happens)