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  1. Anniversary Sunday so I had better come up with something! Cabo
  2. Parent's lawyer gave them guidance on what to do. That is what prompted the letters. Cabo
  3. First time I landed in Amsterdam had to hit the head. Walked in and the cleaning woman was working away while guys were hitting the urinals. I don't even think about anymore when visiting Europe. Cabo
  4. I try and never touch a public bathroom door handle without a paper towel. And I haven't been in my 20's for quite some time. Cabo
  5. Anyone ever been to or have heard anything about it. The Princess did the hunts while in Scotland a few years back. Since it is our anniversary this weekend I thought I might get her something she may enjoy. Thanks, Cabo
  6. Like previously, liberalism has killed the boy scouts. This is just another example. Cabo
  7. Not the organization I grew up in. Cub scout all the way to Eagle. We had a blast camping, 50 mile hikes and the lot. In our troop it was a definite advantage being athletic. Do they now go to the ballet for camp outs? Cabo
  8. My nephew in RI is doing quite well. He had one heck of a weekend. Cabo
  9. My lovely home state. Cabo
  10. I declined my invitation. Cabo
  11. You got them coming. Its tough but hang in there. Cabo
  12. You got them coming. Its tough but hang in there. Cabo
  13. My thatcher is the prong type and aerator is the type with the spikes. My opinion hasn't changed on the two. Cabo
  14. Definitely Sam and Omies. Across from Jennette's Pier at Whalebone Junction in Nags Head. Cabo
  15. Steve, The only thing is I used to go out from time to time on the Country Girl out of Manteo back in the day. Didn't hurt I knew the family but always had a good time. My caught his only Amberjack on one of those trips. Cabo