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  1. The joo got another one tonight with more micros and lost an ok bass.
  2. Screw you and all those big stripers you been catching. I thought that blue was a yuge striper ughhh.
  3. I was hoping it would have killed it rather than make it suffer.
  4. Got the skunk off last week. Had a couple borderline keeper bass and a bunch of micros today. Feels great to have another season begin. Really looking forward to hitting the north shore rocks.
  5. I cut its gills and it was still moving a while after so I grabbed it by the tail and smashed its head on the sand. I got blood all over my face it was nasty.
  6. I agree. There's a river on the S. Shore of Mass that I've caught like 7" fish in.
  7. hell yeah you tell em
  8. Yeah I think so. I'm quite pale so it makes me unmotivated to go completely topless. I wonder how loud the thing is on the highway. If only....
  9. It is definitely different.
  10. They make a new bikini called shade or some such chit that is a mesh that protects you from the sun but you can see through it.
  11. I didn't realize I missed my Wrangler until I got another one.
  12. The gf tells me I'm not allowed to remove the rugs The new wranglers drive effin awesome. Still bumpy but track like they're on rails and I'm fine on the highway up to 75 or 80 depending on the road conditions. 65-70 is so smooth you would get rid of your miata.
  13. The days of a Wrangler being affordable are gone. Still love my 18:)
  14. at least she didn't throw ticks at you
  15. I'd take this a step further and say highschool.
  16. How can we answer these questions when they're constantly trying to relive a war they lost.
  17. OK, so by this logic it's safe to say plugging with a heavier reel that causes the rod to have more weight in the butt end would be more comfortable if one uses the rod between their legs? I just got a heavier reel than I normally use and am trying to justify it lol.
  18. I'm surprised not all fishing rods have the weight on them, that's something that's important to me. I know this thread's a joke, but just saying. I just bought an el-cheapo okuma cederos that's 11ft 2-6 and weighs 12oz - I thought that was light AF. It should arrive tonight.
  19. just give it a good pounding.