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  1. Sorry you had a chitty trip Chris. Why didn't you just get a hotel room instead when the conditions were such crap?
  2. Ayo! I'm a new beer snob, so what MUST I try. So far my favorite is founders bfast stout.
  3. This thread should of been about weeeeeeeeeed
  4. Getting an in home sleep study probably got the apnea. been a snorer all my life fat or skinny. I'm ready for my vader mask. Though really I just want the surgery where they take part of your throat out and break your nose. I have lots of offers for help with the broken nose part.
  5. good thing im the one with the cash
  6. A TINY HOUSE?!?! I can barely deal with you in a good sized one bed apt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. My gf called me and asked if I thought it would be a good idea to get a tiny house and move into her parents back yard. I told her maybe if I can put you in it and burn it to the ground.
  8. finally you'll get a green card. FIESTA!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. as it is the way it should be. not crawl 100 yards
  10. Question for you.... Why did he make him crawl around and all that?
  11. he looked super scared and was crying.
  12. Apparently someone thought he had a gun in his hotel room which turned out to be a airsoft gun. Here's a pic of our not guilty cop:
  13. GF woke me up last night and said I was breathing funny. I was like just let me die I'm tired. She wasn't amused.
  14. Careful the turtle bites
  15. I apologize that you're all pieces of chit. I'm sorry.
  16. You would never, you're a mans man.
  17. and total recall back tits spread like wildfire......
  18. I slept like crap last night. Gf kept waking me up telling me she was having nightmares. I was like they aren't real go back to bed like 20x. Then this morning she was pissed at me and I asked why. She wasn't happy how I reacted to her nightmares and I pretended I didn't remember. I think she bought it.
  19. Try and drink within ten years would ya?
  20. It's too close to call.
  21. Reciprical was my most memorable beer of the year.
  22. I've got tons of trillium coming to me from a buddy that's going down there today. I saw CBS at a local liquor store and they were trying to sell it for $32!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. very insensitive. post reported.
  24. She's a handsome woman.