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  1. Don't believe everything you read.
  2. Anyone else here eat it and enjoy it as much as I do?
  3. I've only had it a few times and it's always been gross. Is it ever good?
  4. Putin is sitting there giggling his ass off.
  5. I believe they say if it's just floating by don't eat it but if it's tethered to something then you can. Although you may die if you take my advice, your mileage will vary, much like a volvo.
  6. if they keep their pants on their still a chick
  7. Some good fishing nearby. Lost a huge one off the rocks about 20 minutes north last fall
  8. not really like 30-40 mins i was in the area
  9. I went to the one in Peabody - NASTY.
  11. I made a Korean soup using kelp and dried anchovies, shockingly tons of flavor from that broth. I took the kelp and sliced it very thinly like noodles and sauteed in some sesame oil, garlic, soy, sugar and vinegar - VERY GOOD. Will be doing that more. The korean store sells seaweed stems in salt. I have them in the fridge and will give them a whirl soon.
  12. nah it's probably broken, he should send it to me to dispose it.
  13. I dunno who dat be
  14. u sick?
  15. Who LPE'd?
  16. Do you guys think that games like this one contribute to school shootings?
  17. I'm shocked I haven't puked yet, but there's still time. The steak was so tough I could barely chew it.
  18. 50 Seconds in....
  19. I think I like them again. Gonna resurrecterct my ps3. Tempted to get a PS4 but I'll go slow. What games should I get? They are super cheap now, the jew in me is giddy.
  20. Listen you horse faced mother****er, you may have a point.
  21. Played Payday 2 and Sniper Elite V2 over the weekend. Payday was ehh for me, seems like GTA lite. Sniper Elite is by far the most brutal game I've ever played. Crazy how they show the bullet going through organs, and skulls. It's pretty hard and interesting. I look forward to making more Nazis heads explode. My only complaint is you can't (yet) stab people in close quarters and close quarters shooting is terrible. But I get it you're supposed to be sniping not having close quarters battles.
  22. Even just boiling water and a plastic utensil to scrape it off
  23. I'm obsessed with watching Maangchi, I'd marry that woman!
  24. I'm becoming obsessed with it. I went to H-Mart three times in the past three days.