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  1. looking for a 4 or 5 tube bag. 3 tube if they're wide tubes.
  2. If you had footage catching a white shark in a yak you could start a YouTube business. Just sayin no more poopy pipes.
  3. Would give you a hell of a tow in the hobie. Put the go pro on!
  4. Some of those blackhole rods aren't too bad.
  5. that's past my paygrade.
  6. Could you fit a glide bait or stick shad in this bag?
  7. shoulda used your boga grip
  8. if she has HUGE tits it would be ok, otherwise eh.
  9. Did you get into my stash?
  10. I was with a fatty who had a waterproof blanket because she was a squirter. She was fun, what a wild ride.
  11. Ayo! I'm a new beer snob, so what MUST I try. So far my favorite is founders bfast stout.
  12. Are you for or against it?
  13. It's in appropriate! Think of the googlers!
  14. red rocket!
  15. yeah i agree
  16. What's with all the dicks?
  17. so is that a yes or a no?
  18. President
  19. Yeah, if you have a crappy steak you can tenderize and marinade it. Putting ketchup on it aint the answer.
  20. The only time you put ketchup on a steak is if it's a cheap terrible steak.
  21. When I was a kid we would go to Kelly's and Bill Ashe's in Revere. I remember loving both of them.
  22. That's better than mayo. But I do like ketchup on my fries. I just started getting into poutine, although, it still seems counterproductive to make fries soggy.