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  1. I don't think prohibition of drugs is a failure....
  2. They work for yeti
  3. I'm going to get you banned, I'm offended! Threshold mister!
  4. I never said that. But in this instance Frank was banned because people don't like him. Guess what, some people do like Frank, including myself.
  5. Ask me if I have sex with my girlfriend.... Spoiler alert - I DO!
  6. I agree Frank didn't do anything wrong. The snowflakes are such ****ing **** that they can't handle discourse. It's amazing.
  7. I want to write something obnoxious to you but I'd feel guilty.
  8. I guess they just want a circle jerk over there where everyone is right wing and nobody disagrees. Place is a cesspool you're better off not going in there.
  9. damn man, they can't beat you so they boot you, cold blooded.
  10. True, you would think more would want to be armed to the teeth. Though I know plenty that are.
  11. You make a good point there Dingus. I just feel that if you are against abortion don't get one. I personally don't care what people do re: abortion and would have a girl get one if I got her pregnant by accident. Hasn't happened to me personally or anyone I know (hopefully I didn't just jinx myself). On the 2A I'm not against it at all, I even made a long thread in the tavern asking which gun I should get. I made the appointment to get my gun permit but the police guy cancelled on me because it was a holiday and then I was too lazy to reschedule. When I move to a house I'll be getting a gun or 5. There you go, discourse between people of opposing views without acting like a child. Your mother's a who-re!
  12. Maybe the guy who slices his meat at Stop and Shop moonlights as a tech guy. god I love Steve posts.