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  1. Pete's trying to peel Jim off the floor, he went on a goofball rampage.
  2. Where's this?
  3. I agree. An apology is in order to are mayor
  4. They prefer to be called little people
  5. Karma
  6. He was also a heroin addict so there's that. Aside from his drug use, his death hit me the hardest of any celeb. I usually don't have any reaction from celeb death but I felt real sad for petty.
  7. Not my favorite Floyd or puddles song. I meant like do Floyd with a full band and roger waters. He could take gilmores part.
  8. Belmo needs a blog
  9. Belmo needs a blog
  10. Love to see him do Pink Floyd
  11. don't say her name three times or she will appear.
  12. The government needs to save us from ourselves. Thanks so much.
  13. Yum, I love noodles!
  14. Seriously, I can't eat sword fish? I'll continue to eat raw salmon but that sounds nasty AF.
  15. is your snit over?