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  1. Got my first keeper striper today. Forgot my cooler so I let it swim. Got it in buzzards bay I never check that area out perhaps I'll explore a bit more.
  2. ah chit i wasn't paying attention. That edible and bowl of Gorilla #5 must still be in my system
  3. you think replacing just one tire is ok? I thought it was either 2 or 4?
  4. Fishing and four wheeling, not sure where or why.
  5. Anyone have anything they're looking to unload?
  6. Not black seabass for the love of god. Dredge in flour s+p cook it in butter lemon and capers optional.
  7. Sandy
  8. I dunno about annnnnny....
  9. Nice halibut!!
  10. So have you done it? ill start. Once at a billy Joel concert circa 2003. Too much Bacardi. Just a pebble but that's plenty.
  11. Are you saying sb as in sea bass or striped bass? I wouldn't blacken either. Spanish Mack is terrific blackened!
  12. Anyone weigh a 4500? In my hands it feels lighter than 22oz.
  13. Cool just ordered some - thanks!
  14. I'm just going to eat turkey burgers only and I should be in good shape within a week or two.