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  1. I find lighter colored fish out of rivers
  2. I'd love to **** on his grave. rest in hell ****face.
  3. I hope they treat the planet better than we did
  4. Aww a budding bromance
  5. Up and down route 9 to Newton
  6. Now he just needs something borrowed.
  7. He should resign when trump resigns.
  8. F those parents
  9. Wegmans has a spanish ham that they cut with a sword and is 100/lb - unreal stuff.
  10. you do make a good ham, I'll give you that. I had some nice eye tye rosemary ham for lunch.
  11. you're making me horngry
  12. The best look of legs is after a girl has gone for a run and there all rosy
  13. LPE

    Fine, I'll go hang out with Lil Peep.
  14. First of all, what up. Second of all, I would have taken some of those books off your hands.