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  1. Growing up on pacific bonito, which look exactly like atlantic bonito, we caught fish in the 3.5-4# range usually, big fish were 5+ and we never saw anything smaller. Then my senior year of high school, 2# bonito showed in huge numbers. Shortly after we began catching young of the year bonito which were tiny, but by late fall would be 1#. Bonito are fast growing, a 2# fish was a year old, and the 3-4 were 2. Not sure why the population structure changed the way it did, but it never went back. Never understood where the previous year's bonito disappeared to, there didn't seem to be a significant commercial fishery.
  2. many of us started out wrapping by balancing the rod on the arms of the couch. Takes a little coordination, but not that hard to do. Makes you really appreciate it when you drop the $$ to get a real wrapping set up, but you also realize that you don't need much.
  3. go for a walk after dark and fish under the lights with a 6" Hogy on a half ounce jig head. Don't fish any spot for more than 10 minutes without catching a fish. cover ground, plenty of fish in Boston, especially the areas you're fishing. Don't wait for them to find you.
  4. I too have done that before. Just wrapped over it and pretended it didn't happen. No consequences either!
  5. NY. That pic is old and was in my profile so I added it as the picture. The ones I got this year were considerably smaller.
  6. Best way is to eat them raw. I found out way too late. Lived in CA, caught about 30k bonito, 0 eaten raw. In MA, a few caught 1 eaten raw, will do it every chance I get.
  7. actually, maybe you should stop plugging away. I'm a heretic for suggesting this, but leave those plugs at home and fish some striper sized plastics. For a bass fisherman, it's a pretty short jump fishing plastics for largies and plastics for stripers. Some might even argue that plastics are the best way to catch stripers...
  8. I occasionally fish around Boston Harbor. Sometimes I think that it is going to be a normal night because of the forecast, then I get out there and get a dose of reality. Boston, depending on where you go, it about the most consistently challenging place that I've fished--and I've fished quite a few places. Don't underestimate it!
  9. I built a rod, then went out and caught a fish on it. I plucked a scale off that first fish, dried it then added it to a decorative butt wrap on the rod. Most of the states participate in a survey that samples scales from fish caught, I participate as a scale collector in MA. They use them to age the fish and report length/age, they are developing a longitudinal database too so they can see if there are fundamental changes to the stock over time. I'm amazed at the age of the fish, I've caught a couple 19 year old bass and plenty of other teenagers.
  10. 1. big plastic 2. medium plastic just like the above guys.
  11. I have all 3--11, 13, 16. the 11 is my freshwater boat, I love how light it is. Loading and launching is a breeze in this boat. Not as fast as the 13 on the water, but doesn't matter where I use it. Also much better on smaller water like rivers and ponds, smaller turning radius. When I was 180, the boat felt less stable, after losing a few lbs, I don't notice it. I think your weight matters with the feeling of stability in this boat. The 13 is a good general use boat, great for big water and faster than the 11. I'm more comfortable in this boat in questionable conditions. the 16 is good for drag racing your friends and catching big stripers. It covers water easily.
  12. Good advice: "just pick a spot where there's other people" should have suggested to stand closest to those catching fish. Saturday morning I was fishing in a boatless sea, boater came out and fished right on top of me as I was working one small piece of a rip line. I thought that was just how CT fishing works, but you can apply that stuff anywhere.
  13. Have to say that these seem to be so much better than the old style, makes a more solid drive and they look like they will be much less prone to breakage. The 2018 drive is their best yet, I've busted quite a few drives, but haven't had many issues with the more recent drives. The last drive I had problems with (broken pedal shafts) was a 2014.
  14. instead of gulp, try those fat cow strips. They won't get ripped off and work about the same as gulp.
  15. It's a 761. Good for tossing big plastics for stripers. For me, the most comfortable butt length is when I palm the reel, the butt is at my elbow. About 12", obviously this varies by person. That's why riddler suggests the west coast style handle to allow for individual preference.