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  1. Bring to shop where it was purchased from ,they should be able to help.
  2. The heat definitely put the fish deep. Even with the sandeels around the last few days it looks like we might have no resident fish this summer. but hiking in and out has gotten me in better shape.
  3. Very limited fishing this year, mostly small fish to 10lbs. with this heat i think i will give some late nite outgoing tides a shot east of mattituck to orient. have to get my boat in water to get out tio race and mtk.
  4. 2,4,10,17 if still available please
  5. i went from simple dive belt to rockhopper and it has held up great. Bought an extr large that i have lying around if you want to try out.
  6. Took pics with phone, really blurry. looked like a raw egg in size and color with 11/2 ' long clear tendrils.
  7. Was doing some work at a house Noyack Creek down by jessup's neck walked out on the dock and saw about a dozen small jellyfish floating around anybody have any idea what they could be?
  8. Suffolk county green key is a card that gets reduced rates and entry into Suffolk parks and facilities.
  9. Was going to get my permits today, what are my chances of suffolk and state offices being open? Have my green key/card but may have to find the amex black to pay for the privilege of paying for the plovers new ocean front nests.
  10. Bob The show was great,good thing i had my better half to reign in my spending. I have a box of penn 710 712 6500 and other assorted reels an such that i don't use any more . More than willing to donate to the club, gotta clear out space for all the new stuff from show. Tom
  11. Does anyone know how to id what blank was used for Stans rods from Rocky Point Fishing Stop? I have serial numbers and year built. I know they are Lamiglas but would like to know the blanks i possible.
  12. Good info, I saw the Skinner video and i also got the feeling he was trying to fail with the inlines. I spent the better part of Sunday replacing all the rusted and sketchy hooks and ran out of trebles. Will set up some inlines and test them this spring/summer.
  13. Anyone replace the trebles on bombers,sp minnow etc with inline vmc hooks? Does it effect the hookup ratio?
  14. I would rather see cars like that Pat. i couldn't stand when the dads would build cars for the kids. We had some cars that you knew were built from components bought online. The only thing the kid did was take it out of a box at weigh in. Told one dad that his kids cars would only be allowed to run in No rules class next year. Was very gratifying when i showed whole troop how to build legal and fast cars that blew the doors off the dad built cars.
  15. I have 2 sets of youth skis, poles and possibly boots sitting around taking up space. I will check with ski shop to see if binders are on indemnification list. volkl ac jr 140 with marker m7.0 demo binders for 218 to 315 bsl. Rossi FunGirl 130 with Salomon binders for up to 4.5 DIN. If my shop says they can still legally work on binders all yhey need is a tune up to edges. You can have them for shipping cost or meet me on long island(i work on the road in nassau/suffolk)