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  1. Or walking down the street holding them such as they would when they are about to put a slice of pizza in their mouths.....
  2. Not sure you understand. I am not driving more than about 3-4 miles one way for Friday night take out pizza. And so, that leaves the choice above, cause of the 15 or so other pizza places we have around here, they all pretty much REALLY suck. The difference is that in the NYC Metro area, there are easily 3-5 pizza places that are great to fair, and fair down there beats the pants off anything up here in about every town within 3-4 miles..... New England, not so much............
  3. Yeah, thanks . I am looking forward to a one year celebration of some type of good food. And the bonus, that is about 1 week after the day Donna and I had our first date.
  4. Good to know, I may have to grab some myself!
  5. Oh, forgot the bonus part...... Had been spying the ducks all week in the case at Stop and Shop. Sunday I noticed they had a sell by date of 11/24. Knowing they would not sell them all (for some reason duck is not a great seller at this Stop and Shop). I figured I would go back on Wednesday, as they were to be closed on T'Day the 23rd and they would have to sell the rest the day after or trash them, so I expected they would be marked down by maybe as much as half on Wednesday. Happened to stop by there on Tuesday for something else, and lo and behold, they had already marked them down...........BY 75% So I got a ~$20 duck for ~$5, and it turned out to be the best one I ever made!
  6. For myself, it was just Donna and I , and it was simple. We had a garden salad, Boneless Roast Duck with Cabernet Sauce, and a side of egg noodles. The duck, the skin/fat for cracklins and the stuff for the sauce was all butchered/prepped on Wednesday, so yesterday was a breeze. And trying to be humble here (NOT! ), I have made this entree over 100 times over the past 30 or so years (3-4 times a year), but for some reason, Donna told me that it was the best I had ever made, and I had to agree. The skin cracklins were done just right, the Cabernet sauce was rich with a great texture and a good mouth feel, the flavor strong but not overpowering. And the duck itself was pure heaven. Leg thigh portions cooked perfectly to about 145, tender and juicy. The breast portions were done to about 130, the slices a beautiful light pink with rosy juice, tender as butter and full of flavor. And the remaining skin on both items was perfectly, pleasantly crisped and seasoned without being charred (that is difficult to accomplish in the oven.) I went to bed happy last night. How bout you?
  7. , but yes, I agree. As to the NYC water, that has been dis-proven. Aside form various side by side comparisions, folks shipping in NYC water, and the fact that there are many places in NJ that make a super pie, NYC water is said to have the least amount of mineral content of anyplace in the country, so it is pretty equivalent of used distilled water that anyone can buy anywhere. It is just folks outside of the NYC Metro area have no idea what real good pizza is. (As I have to call up Papa Gino's tonight cause around here, it is the most tolerable.... )
  8. Sale may be over by now and the price different, so call first if traveling any distance. It is the only fish market in Mansfield. They have another one in North Attleboro. Their sales generally run Thursday to Sunday, and then they often have a mid week sale for Monday Tuesday Wednesday Items that are not specifically advertised generally reflect market prices on that particular day, and can change often, as they get stuff at various places (including the Boston Fish Pier) on a daily basis. I have seen the price of steamers and other clams change drastically (up or down) within a day or two at times. The shellfish is particularly volatile do to weather and bed closures. But all of this testifies to the freshness of the product.
  9. Looks great. Only question, you said you removed excess fat. Turkey doesn't have much fat to begin with, so I am assuming it is just that ring around the backside?
  10. Um, That was like 2 1/2 shakes of the classic shaker over a slice that is about a quarter the size of the standard 18" large pie. What do you do, wave the bottle over the slice, holes side up and let the dust cheese fall, sort of like what Chinese restaurants do when they make "crab" rangoon.......... ?
  11. Party lines............... Oh wait, every cell and iPhone IS a party line, you just don't know it.
  12. Since the rule with you is to discount 99% of ANYTHING you post, I guess I am safe............ And sorry, there is absolutely nothing wrong with putting fresh grated parm on pizza. If there was, why is it offered in about 99.5% of all pizza joints?
  13. I was saying that to horrify the whiny, liberal, vegan, animal loving snowflakes, he should have gone on National TV wielding an ax and lop off their heads, followed by him and his family sitting down to a roast turkey dinner in the West Wing dining room..... Mr. Trump is just the one to pull something like that off....
  14. Here ya go: Filter your stock as much as possible. There should be no solid residues in it. Like small pieces of meat, spices, skin, etc. Warm the stock slowly in a thick bottomed saucepan. Beat the egg whites with water and the acid. Crush the eggshells and whisk them into the egg mixture. Mix the egg whites into the stock, turn up the heat and bring it all to a boil. Turn down the heat when it boils and let it simmer for 5 minutes. Take the stock of the heat and let it cool for about fifteen minutes. There should now be a raft of stiffened egg whites on top of the stock and the stock should be more clear. Sieve the stock gently through a sieve lined with damp cheesecloth. If possible, use a sauce ladle to scoop it carefully into the sieve instead of pouring it. Avoid getting egg white over the edge of the sieve. Notes The easiest way to get a clear stock is to avoid it being unclear to begin with. Tips: Use raw pieces of meat. Unfortunately that is impossible when you make a dark stock so ... Don't crack the bones. Never let the stock boil. Only weak bubbles and simmering. Boiling emulsifies the fat from the meat and binds it to the water. Only boil the vegetables along for the last hour. When the vegetables are soft, they begin to fall apart. This also makes the stock unclear.