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  1. Rob - actually you can. At the bottom of the text box, just like adding a picture, click on "choose files" And just like a picture, find the file and click open. It will show up just below the text box. Then again, just like inserting a picture, click on the "+" sign and the document will be inserted into the PM as a file. The reader will have to click on the file and it will be downloaded to their computer. I will send you a PM to demonstrate.
  2. From what I read, it does not help and can actually help spread the spores as you handle them and try to dispose of them. If you want to remove them, much like working with asbestos, I would wet down the leaves to be removed to help damper the ability of the spores to become airborne. The oils sprays seem to work better than the sulfur once the mildew is established, the sulfur is better used as a preventative. Another thing to try would be a baking soda spray. With lots of fungicidal issues, just upsetting the pH on the plant one way or the other can cause the fungus to die.
  3. Donna came back with the crabs, and they were a dozen very nice #1 Jimmies, very live and kicking. Actually, there were a baker's dozen. So I broke out the crab pot and the vinegar and the bay leaf and the old bay and started a steam, layering in a few, then some spice, then some more, and so on. And with the lame tongs they had there this was a slight challenge (actually, they had 3 sets and they ALL sucked, but you make do.) About 15 minutes later, I was in crab nirvana, finally some REAL blue crab. I only had one and shared some of the back fin lump with Donna, the rest were to be saved to be picked the next day for another application on Thursday. And it was getting time to go to dinner anyway. We looked at a bunch of places, and since most of the places have changed over the 8 years since we had been down, it was sort of like throwing a dart at the map. We ended up deciding on Good Winds up in Rodanthe, as it looked good on paper, anyway. So out in the steam bath and took the ride north. Since we rarely go from Avon up to the northern villages during our stay, we always forget how long and boring that 13-15 mile drive is. Yeah, seems silly and it is not that far, but for some reason it always seems like it takes forever. The place was a bit tough to find as it is not well marked, and is on the second floor above a surf type shop, so we had passed it, but there wasn't to far left to go before the village ran out, so we doubled back and found it easily the second go round. We parked and went inside, and as I mentioned, it was on the second floor, and with my knees, while I would have done it, I spied an elevator and figured why waste the effort, and we took that....which was the hottest, slowest elevator ever......Donna was getting nervous as she can get kinda claustrophobic, but I just chuckled and the door soon opened............
  4. Talk and have at it. What is going on? I wanna get some soon......... And please try not to get into keyboard fist fights over the topic........
  5. Most likely powdery mildew. If it is not too widespread, spray/dust the entire plant(s) (not just the affected leaves, as once it is there, the spores are on the other leaves) with sulfur or neem or jojoba oil. Try to get it now, as the longer you wait, the worse it will get, and the above won't be effective. Unfortunately, you have to do it when it will be dry for at least 36 hours, or you will need to reapply. Not sure where you are, but today for most of the NE there will be rain, but after that, at least by me, should be dry again until the weekend.
  6. Okay, after pulling it and stripping the outer leaves, 48 "heads" most are kinda small, some medium, a few kinda nice. They progress from right to left in size in the next two pictures......... Yes, and it was my thought it is a soft neck variety, and that is okay. I saved a bunch of the bulbets to use in the kitchen.....I don't have the patience to plant them and replant them for the 3-4 years it takes to get full heads. I have other pictures from the garden, but the new camera I got is causing me issues getting the pics to the a driver thing I don't have time for right now, perhaps tomorrow.
  7. I spent the next 3 hours or so casting in about 20 minute intervals, resting on the soundbank in between. During this time, a few guys in kayaks had launched at the access a bit south of where I was and paddled up, fishing along the way. I saw one of the guys hood up a bit to my south and out further toward the other island, didn't see if it stayed in the boat or went back in. They paddled out along the opposite island bank and then around the corner and then around back of the other large island, so I couldn't see how they were making out. Also, a commercial crabber came motoring by and started dropping 5 -6 pots across various spots. I know going back years that someone worked that area with crab pots, but up until this day, I had not seen any in that area. And thought it may have been abandoned. After awhile, the guys in the kayaks came back around, and sure enough, the same guy stopped at the same spot he had earlier, and his rod bent.......pretty sure that one went in the boat..... They said they had only one or two more out where they went, but it was slow. By about 11 AM, I had had had only one nip off a tail (pigfish no doubt) and one tail completely gone (bluefish likely on that one, it is amazing how they can get within a hair of the hook without touching it.) It was starting to get pretty hot and humid and sticky, despite the slight breeze in my face, and I decided it was time to pack up and head back. Back at the cottage, Donna was just out of the shower after her morning at the beach. Outside it was actually pretty miserable with 90 degree temps and an 80 ( ) degree dewpoint, so Donna was gonna shop, and I planned on staying inside for the most part until we were to go out to dinner at about 5 PM. Just before she was about to leave, I got a call from Buxton Seafood, and the crabs I had ordered were in. Donna offered to go retrieve them while she was out, so that worked out well. While she was gone, I grabbed a shower, and then started to pack away the crabbing gear and some other fishing stuff that I knew I wouldn't use over the last 3 days there.........
  8. Nice butternut, Jim. I pulled 1/2 my garlic yesterday, like you, was not impressed with the size, a few really nice heads but many were on the small side. That was seed from a farm that is near Galilee, RI and was a red variety, and strangely did not produce scapes but many had bulbets formed in the stem about mid way up. Will have some pictures later once I get them off the camera.
  9. Most definitely, mid November as usual
  10. Go to C-Mart on Washington Street near the Turnpike. They have plenty of fish there that could be used as chunk bait. Also have clams, squid, etc.
  11. Actually, I think the correct euphemism is "plumb" out of time, as in plumb out of luck or plumb forgot, with "plumb" meaning flat, plain, or something similar, Since one meaning of the word plumb is to be straight or level, like a plumb bob or that a stud is plum, those others would follow. Craig, was wondering of you would find this, as I know your affinity for these threads.
  12. So, made it last night. No milk or floor, just in a pan flesh side down in butter and olive oil that was hot and bubbling. About 5 minutes in that, flipped it, and then into the oven under the broiler, maybe 6-7 minutes at most. Meanwhile, butter, olive oil, shallots, parsley, capers in a small fry pan sauteing until the shallots were soft. I bit of fresh chopped parsley, a bit more lemon juice, and then mounted the sauce with more butter. Fillets on the plate, and the sauce in a small bowl on the you could try it first, and then sauce as necessary. Served it with sauteed yellow squash with onions and lemon and parsley, and also the "cheating" Carolina brand Wild Rice that I kicked up a bit with garlic, shallots and parsley. And it was fantastic, every bite was consumed. I would say that the red snapper was pretty close to striper, but perhaps a bit of a leaning to bluefish. Would do it again, but at the price, not too often, maybe 3-4 times a year.
  13. This may be the case.....I have never noticed. But it is entirely possible that I walk away and the mouse cursor just happens to be left in the spot that the ad pops up in. Next time I will try to remember to observe if that is what is happening.
  14. Down on the banks of the sound as I was walking out there was a great white heron in the cove. As I headed out, he had made his way further out to the spot I set up on. I just had my phone, and having never taken a picture with it since I only got it 2 days before, I quick snapped this, not really being able to see the screen in the blazing sun, and it doesn't do it justice at all. As I headed out further, he flew off across the channel, which seeing a big bird like that in flight is a magnificent sight. He took up residence along the shore of the opposing island, and I had the pleasure of watching him do whatever they do for the next hour or so. I got to my spot, settled in, and then waded out to cast. Wind was out of the SW, moderate but not really strong, so cast distances throwing into the wind where only slightly affected. There was a fair ripple on the water that made it hard to spot spooked baitfish. And as always, the mullet were jumping and at times making pretty big splashes. And I gotta take a minute here to observe/ask something. Anyone know why they jump? Are they chasing baitfish, or are they spooked by other fish? As much as I know what they are and they aren't gonna take my jig, I always figure "Well, they jumped in that spot at that time for a reason, so why not put my jig right there?" If they are just chasing baitfish, well, doing that may be in vain. Anyway, I dd about 20 minutes of fan casting without a touch until my back and knees said it was time to take a rest on the soundbank and have a beverage, so I waded back in and sat my fat ass down, opened the cooler, and watched the heron across the way for awhile...........
  15. You can also pinch out the centers of the stems and then leave on the resulting suckers. This is sort of like "Missouri Pruning" is topping the plant, sort of. Some info here: