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  1. Because it does such good work? Look at the donations that are flooding in now that she can devote herself to the foundation full time! Oh wait, don't look, there aren't any............... I wonder why........ No I don't, even a Sea Cucumber could figure it out........
  2. You also thought you understood the basics of a Warrent. You were wrong then, and now...........
  3. How many had classified documents on said servers. Your partisan slip is showing.............
  4. Remember the drinking age to 21 and the 55 mph incidents?
  5. Then 'you' don't know if it was Russia, Moscow, Putin, or the Tooth Fairy. Got it...........
  6. What you lost was the ability to be taken seriously. Wear it with pride, you earned it.
  7. You lost before you started. But anyway, 'techno polymers', lets start here. Glass filled Nylon, a polymer commonly used in firearms today, please explain to the class how it makes a semiautomatic produced today more 'deadly' then an semiautmatic m1917 used in WWI?
  8. So you made the techonolgy claim based solely on feelings? You just said you would have to 'look' it up to have a conversation about it. Then said it's not about feelings? Right. The litmus test of the left is 'I think, I feel, I believe'............
  9. You made the firearm technology claim, remember? List some, and converse..........
  10. You had the opportunity to list these 'technology' changes already. The best you came up with is 'laser scopes', which is not a firearm, but an accessory.
  11. Sorry, sunshine, just using your own 'word's. 'You' injected long range accuracy, scopes, etc. Getting all pissy when subjects 'you' injected are brought up is rather amusing. Please, stay on your 'side'...........
  12. No, you just missed listing said improvements in the actual firearm. Telescopic sights are not a firearm, nor do they do anything to improve the accuracy of a firearm.
  13. And the goal post starts to shift. Technology, when it comes to long distance shooting, takes a seat way in the back when compared to skill. Technology, at the distances in the church shootings, is totally irrelevant. A scope at 10 feet, even a, gasp, laser scope, is useless. Quantity and availability, to which you now add 'advanced' to. A semiautomatic is still a semiautomatic. The technology has not changed, 1 pull of the trigger, 1 round fired. Again, firearms were much much much more easy to legally obtain 30 years ago, yet the quantity of firearms is much greater today.
  14. Let the stupid flow. 1.5 miles? Billy Dixon. Read up about his 'shot'........ And when it happened. You confuse quantity with availability. Explain the advantage of said 'laser' scope. You'll find it does not do what one expects.