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  1. 'Best Korea' is what one of Lil' Kim's talking heads called North Korea. China's worst nightmare is a Japan with offensive military capabilities. Two thumbs up for turning Japan loose.
  2. Going from memory here, the shallowest around 50 ft, deepest around 6000 ft. Russia did one around 10k ft I believe.
  3. Going from memory here, the shallowest around 50 ft, deepest around 6000 ft. Russia did one around 10k ft I believe.
  4. I'll try crayons this time. The post I quoted expressed concerns that the measly tests best Korea has done may affect the earths crust and the 'Ring of Fire'. Best Korea cumulative 'tonnage, test wise is around 240kt. The US of A is, for NV and NM, is around 150mt, our test sites situated much closer to the Yellowstone Caldera, which is active, by the way, then best Korea's test site to the 'Ring of Fire' fault line.
  5. If this is true, then they achieved a level of stupid even I didn't think possible........
  6. How far is the best Korea test site to said fault line? How far is the Nevada and New Mexico test sites from the Yellowstone Caldera? Compare yield of best Korea tests to that of the USA. Yellowstone did not go off.
  7. Seriously? 50's and 60's, then 'we' stopped. I'm not sure if you are aware, but people still buy and sell other people............ If you had some semblance of reading comprehension, you would have noted the correlation between my post and that which I quoted.........
  8. Both the US and Russia have.
  9. Well, the US conducted around 1000 nuclear tests, of which some 200 were 'air bursts'.
  10. Seriously? His opinion makes it fact? Irretrievably gut hooked you are.
  11. A glimmer of light shows? As I've said many, many times, the climate has changed on earth since its creation, and will continue to change long after man's demise. The only 'data' I challenge is that which is presented as 'proof man is the cause this time around.
  12. Way to blame the keebler elves. Racist Nazi little people denier..........
  13. I've used real chamois cut into strips. 8", 6" and 2". Took a couple doz seaworms and blended them with a qt of seawater, split it between 2 good sealing plastic containers and place 25-30 of the 8" strips in one. After 20 30 min in water, change strips placing used one in the other container. 8" on tube & worm. Used puree of mackerel on the 6" for jigs and squid puree on the 2" for scup. Works pretty well. Plus is blues don't bite em off, couple holes is all.
  14. Drygas, heet, alcohol, etc, does not remove water. Its only purpose is to prevent the moisture from freezing and blocking the fuel system. That's it. Decant, as was done above, or run a water seperator.