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  1. And when 350K people, assuming 1 per car, hit the train station at the same time, they will go nowhere even faster, and for a longer time.
  2. Your post, "Mine wouldn't be mad, but she wouldn't tell me to go for it, cause she knows I would!" Here, you admit you would cheat given permission. Now, some English, dys·func·tion·al ˌdisˈfəNG(k)SH(ə)nl/ adjective not operating normally or properly. "the telephones are dysfunctional" deviating from the norms of social behavior in a way regarded as bad. Please make note of the last sentence. You made statements conveying cheating is bad, yet then claim the desire to do so given permission. A classic example of dysfunctional. Do I need to explain the meaning of 'relationship', and 'I would' also?
  3. Please, articulate where, in the Bill of Rights, one is granted the 'right' to ask the POTUS anything. Bear in mind 'you' claimed it was a 'right'.
  4. Dysfunctional relationship is not a 'name'. You admitted an ability, and desire, given the permission, to 'cheat'. Myself, even with permission, would not ever consider it. It's a mater of respect to both my girlfriend, and myself. The only individual being judgemental here is you.
  5. Show the name calling. Remember, YOU stated your willingness to 'cheat' on your spouse.
  6. No, there is no 'right' to ask the POTUS anything. Same with yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater.
  7. So you're projecting you dysfunctional relationship abilities upon others? You know, if 'I' do it, everyone else must too?
  8. Obviously much more then you. Read your post. Multiple times if necessary. It will come to you...............
  9. Gov. Brown's sanctuary state is why in California. The libbynites big push into obstruction of justice charges on Trump is why 'we' know about it. Hard to defend being charged for the same offence one claims Trump should be charged with.
  10. Providing financial aid to a known criminal is against the law, correct?
  11. Was it? Such emotional investment is precious...........
  12. His meter, relating to the quantification of sarcasm, is fractured.........
  13. Actually it would be less than that. The surface area of the ocean floor is much greater the that of the surface. Think of a 1 foot square box as the 'ocean'. The 'surface area' is 1 sq. ft, the 'ocean floor' is 5 sq. ft.
  14. Except the magma is then squeezed like a big ole pimple, then the Yellowstone super volcano blows spewing goo all over everyone..............