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  1. I would be interested it trading the giant gasoline cigar if that interests you.
  2. Really would like to hang on to that pikie.let me see if I have what your looking for.
  3. Very tempting... are you set on gasoline? Or are you interested in other nighttime patterns?
  4. Holy Grail stuff!.....New is cool......But,old/vintage plugs are cooler!
  5. I have bright patterns.
  6. Thanks for the pic.I was hoping the GRS Was new.My pikie is new and I don't believe Mike is painting that color anymore.Im going to have to pass on those.GLWTS
  7. I would like to see the GRS?
  8. Do you have any other Fixters for trade?
  9. I am interested in any Fixters you may have?..what color/size are yo looking for?
  10. I may have some Fixter poppers.