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  1. I may stand corrected. I spoke to Winch about it. He said he doesn't remember signing plugs with that style pen. But, the number "5" looks like how he signs it......You may have a Very , very early plug.
  2. x2 about Bill.But, I Believe that pikie is real.I had a similar looking pikie that I got from Mike several years ago.I hope mike responds to this though.
  3. Good luck with the sale
  4. what about the Fixter?
  5. ???huh?
  6. offer $45 for the Fixter.
  7. Not positive.But, my first thought was hawg hunter?
  8. Fantastic!Way to go Man!
  9. I wish those were mine!..just a cool pic...Lots of work right there!
  10. bunch of handcarves
  11. Those plugs are old run. Very cool.dont think that pencil is Winch though.
  12. Kevin, could you do $26 on the bernzy?.
  13. I am sure I do..... just not sure I can do it one for one for the cigar.i'll check though.
  14. here you go.any black flecks are from my phone.
  15. Your tough. Let me see if I have something you don't have.