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  1. Climbing microwave towers. Bitter cold, howling wind, 400 feet up just to change a light bulb. But the pay was great, a whole $9.00 an hour. Heck, in college that was good beer money.
  2. The article goes out of its way to really portray Trump in a favorable light. Some quotes from him about America: "Never gonna give you up, never gonna say goodbye.". Wow, what a president!
  3. LA Times first to carry the story, I can't believe this... *
  4. That is not what Flounder said. Trumpanzees can't even get Animal House right. Go ahead, throw a trantrump.....
  5. That's EXACTLY what it is ....being an Eagles fan, you're never disappointed because you know you're going to be disappointed. We can not dare to hope.....
  6. I am delighted to see the Iggles leading the division. Having followed them since the Cretaceous Period, being Lord of No Rings is getting pretty old. Seeing Ron Jaworski choke against Plunkett, Donovan McNabb puking through his face mask against the Pats.....I'm banking on the Iggles (heaven help me ) to win the NFC East...next three games are at home where the Iggles are 8-2 over the past two years. Playoffs? One and done.
  7. A bastage mouse once chewed the bleep out of the wiring inside my outboard cowling. Next year just before putting the boat away, I put poison blocks inside the cowling, storage compartments etc. Found some dead mice in the spring but no nests or damage. Mice can and will get anywhere regardless of how hard you try to keep them out.
  8. I've been out on a river, but it's the Delaware, not the Susky. The river was scary-shallow due to the lack of rain and some channels were literally only 1.5 boat-widths across. Rocksalot performed beautifully.
  9. Interesting....that place literally has a global reputation! Yes, cast iron woks are a different animal. I bought a Lodge cast iron wok based on glowing reviews and it turned out to be a flop. It did retain heat throughout the cook which was helpful, however, you can't toss the food because the dang thing weighs 14lbs. My woks were seasoned on the outdoor burner which gets scary hot. It took quite a few cycles of heating, glazing peanut oil etc etc etc to get it seasoned. Some deep-frying also helped. Lesson learned the hard way, orange beef will strip even the toughest patina off a wok. As to favorite dishes, there are too many to count. I do a lot of authentic Chinese which is very different from American Chinese.....while General Tsao's chicken is delicious, it is as Chinese as baseball. Fuschia Dunlop has a great book on authentic recipes. Sechuan peppercorn, hot chili oil, oh dang this is making me hungry!
  10. Here's you saying that, because while I was running the NY Marathon to raise money for Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, I ran past abortion clinics and am therefore a murderer. I wouldn't answer your demented rantings and instead stayed on the topic of Katy Perry's boobs. Seriously dude, turn in your guns and go see a geriatrician. You are a danger to society.
  11. Sorry bud, but I've been on this site since 12/1999. It is your memory that is going south due to your dementia. You used to address me by my first name back in the day but you've obviously forgotten that, along with so many other things. I'll give you a hint....try looking for the thread where I donated $3000.00 worth of fly fishing gear to Project Healing Waters. You were ecstatic.....and then the dementia set in. Forgetting the past, you started calling me a Marxist, Communist, saying I didn't care about the treatment of vets etc. Seriously, you should be on Aricept.
  12. After three failed Bosch tankless electric water heaters, I installed an Ecosmart 27 11/2013. It has been absolutely flawless. It has a temperature setting and modulates precisely, unlike the Bosch that only had a "+" and "-" knob that was as accurate as a blind person shooting skeet. Our electric bill immediately dropped by $50.00 per month upon installation of the Bosch and it has stayed that way ever since. We do have a Buderus GB142-45 boiler for house heating but a weekend alone with Katy Perry was less expensive than a Buderus indirect tank and associated connections.Amazing that Buderus is actually Bosch and that the 142 works perfectly and their tankless electric was a heaping steaming pile.
  13. I am a big fan of woks for their versatility, however, there are a lot of fake woks out there that are a waste of money. For example, my go-to woks are 14-inch hand-hammered carbon steel from the Wok Shop in San Francisco. They need a meticulous seasoning process and regular use to develop the nonstick patina but dang, they get the job done. An imposter in my collection is a 14-inch Cuisinart Stainless "Wok"....it looks like a wok, is shaped like a work, but it's not a wok. It has a thick metal disc on the bottom but paper-thin steel sides that burn to a crisp on any type of high heat. I use this pan to assemble multiple ingredients into one dish such as chili. A surprising underdog is a Calphalon 13-inch aluminum wok. It heats evenly, does not scorch on the sides and is easy to handle. The downside is that it will warp over serious high heat. I purchased an outdoor wok cart with a 130K BTU burner and the thing is just nuts.....it gets so hot that you don't need oil....food just levitates off the surface. It's a great addition to the grill collection especially in the summer when indoor cooking is a PITA. Too bad that Gas stoves in the US have limited BTU burners due to fire code. Any wok brands, tips, techniques you've found useful?
  14. Holy cr@p, that's Bill Wetzel. I hired him for a guide trip back in November 2009. By the way, your dog is gorgeous.