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  1. Oh, this is an easy one. 2005, I had a giant deli sub and a bag of potato chips cooked in Olestra. The next day, I went to proudly fart and there was quite a bit more than I bargained for. That being said, I will seek out and consume Olestra products at every opportunity.
  2. I know this post is worthless without pics, however......there is a liquor store near me and a hottie of epic proportions worked there as a summer job. Shockingly gorgeous face, big boobs, tall, playful personality etc etc. One day I walk in and she is standing on a step ladder, stocking shelves and her @$$ was displayed high and proud for all to see. She was wearing yoga pants that were so tight that they looked like they had been spray-painted on. It took every ounce of energy and control to not walk over and bury my face in it. I later ran into her in a restaurant and her boyfriend looked like the missing link.
  3. 11 years out of a battery is outstanding. I generally swap lead acid batteries out every 3-5 years whether they need it or not. An important aspect to consider about AGM batteries is that they charge differently than standard lead-acid batteries and your charger should have an AGM setting as to get maximum life out of the battery. While this may be anecdotal, I had a heavy-duty lead acid battery to crank the 225 Pro XS on my boat. It was rated at 900 CCA which was supposedly more than enough, however, it had trouble cranking the engine which is not exactly reassuring. I put in a SLI31AGMDPMand it spins the engine like a top, plus it has far more reserve capacity. It was four times the price of the lead acid battery, however, if my trolling motor gets weak after a long day, no big deal. Not being able to crank your engine is a whole different ballgame. Scams Club sells a 31-series AGM that gets very good reviews and is priced at $180.00. It is the same battery as a Deka but labelled as a Duracell. It is a go-to battery for a lot of the bassmaster types.
  4. NJ dot com is reporting that all three buses made illegal U turns and the one that got hit was the last in line. The truck driver was in the middle lane, fully loaded, and could not swerve or stop to avoid hitting the bus.
  5. We did use countersink bits for pre-drilling which, coupled with bugle-head stainless screws, worked very well. The screw heads are exposed although I accept that as the price to pay. They made/still make hidden fasteners which I wanted no part of because new pressure-treated wood will shrink. With exposed screws, you can torque down any section that is squeaking. With hidden fasteners, you're out of luck and the only option I can think of would be to inject PL Premium into the gap from the underside of the deck. Over the years, the stainless heads have dulled a bit and deck stain kinda sorta makes them blend in. If it had been REAL pressure treated joists (pre-2003), we would have done countersink with plugs and sanded them flush. Alas, it was 2006 pressure treated wood which just ain't the same stuff. I had a love-hate relationship with IPE until discovering Defy Deck Stain for Hardwoods. In the past, I compared IPE to Hollywood hotties....when they are all dolled up with fancy schmancy makeup, hair styled and designer clothes, they look hot as a pistol. When you see them with no makeup, unwashed hair, baggy sweatpants etc That was IPE with oil-based stain. When it had been freshly stripped and re-coated,, man, it was gorgeous, but after the stain had turned black and grungy, it was fugly. The Defy makes care of the deck so easy now. It's hard to believe that the deck is now 12 years old as it looks fantastic and is structurally as sound as the day we built it. No rot, checking, warping etc. My parents had a production house built in 2000 with a builder-grade pressure-treated deck. By 2014, the whole thing was rotting and had to be torn down despite regular maintenance.
  6. Mueller is following the money. After four bankruptcies, Trump was cut off from US capital and had to turn to foreign lenders. The biggest lender? Russia. Hmnn........
  7. I'm so excited, in ten minutes I'm going to take a royal dump.
  8. a buddy of mine is a truck driver and he called it on Thursday before they officially released the cause of the accident. He said the accident happened past Exit 25, the exit for Waterloo Village, occurred at a paved turnaround and that the bus driver was making an illegal u-turn when it got blasted by the dump truck. I asked him if the bus had to swing wide into the eastbound lanes and he said no, those are made wide enough so that fire trucks and other emergency vehicles can make U-turns without having to swing wide. He says that the truck driver also bears fault because he was in the left lane which is not allowed in NJ. The nearest exit was only ten minutes down the road where the driver could have gotten off at Route 517, hooked a left turn at a light and then get back on 80 east. 20 minutes. My buddy's company is ferocious about safety and they go so far as to have lawyers lecture (scare the cr@p out of) the drivers about what happens if they do dangerous stuff. The lawyers throw terms at the drivers like vehicular homicide, vehicular manslaughter, reckless driving, careless driving etc etc etc. The company does not pay fines for moving violations and will not pay for equipment violations if it is something that the driver should have spotted on a mandatory pre-route inspection. My buddy said that town school bus drivers are often not trained in highway travel and are only experienced in low-speed, local driving. What is heartbreaking about this, and not much press coverage is being devoted to it, is that quite a few of the children are in "grave" condition which implies a high risk that they will pass. Two dead, dozens injured and for what....20 minutes?
  9. Yeah....and instead of using the deficit-financed tax cut to hire people or invest in new equipment, companies are doing massive share buybacks. Screw jobs and new equipment, share buybacks will surely make America great again.
  10. Folks, If you have ever seen the Hot Crazy Matrix, this chick is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above the crazy axis. Krista Glover, wife of 2009 US Open Champ Lucas Glover, has been charged with domestic violence battery and resisting arrest after (allegedly) assaulting Lucas Glover and his mom after Lucas shot 78 in The Players Championship. Please take a look at this mug shot.....as in the Hot Crazy Matrix, this chick will key your car, slash your tires, put a bunny in the pot etc.
  11. General observation: last Friday we saw quite a few smallies on beds while fishing the Delaware and presumably the fish are spawning on the Susky as well. This monster wave of rain is particularly ill-timed. Fish select a bed location partly based on water depth and sun exposure. An huge rise in river flow turns the water murky/muddy and puts a bed that was in 2 feet of water under 4 feet of water. While we have no control over the situation, stable river levels during the spawn would be preferred over wild fluctuations. Both the Delaware and Susky have had years with poor spawning numbers and this year may turn out to be one.
  12. Howdy: Might you be able to provide some more information, and perhaps a photo or two of your boat? Are the rod holders flush mounted, surface mounted, used strictly for transport or used for trolling, bait fishing etc.? There are literally dozens and dozens of rod holders and mounts out there today and it depends on what your usage will be and the configuration of your boat. For example, on my prior rig, I thought that a set of RAM rail-mount bases and RAM tubes would be great for trolling until I discovered that RAM mounts don't have the tensile strength to hold the tube upright if you snag or hook a fish and they would fold down like a cheap suit. In went a set of Scotty locking bases with extension and large rod holders....problem solved. I'm looking at putting in some flush-mounts on my new rig.....there is a company in MD that makes heavy-duty stainless rod holders for saltwater boats. They are not cheap, but have a 10-year, no-haggle guarantee against corrosion. Please let us know, thanks.
  13. Asian carp are indeed a plague. There are videos of them jumping out of the water by the thousands, literally jumping into the camera boat. Omega Protein, cancer that they are, could cash in big time and make amends with the sport fishing community by harvesting those damn things. And then we have the Zebra Mussel....and the Emerald Ash borer which is trashing forests across the US. And stink bugs. I'd like to return the favor to China and Russia (that's where the Zebra Mussel came from) by mass seeding of poison ivy, Giant Hogweed and Lyme-infected deer ticks. .
  14. I understand that there can be limited shore access on the Delaware, however, standing in the middle of the ramp while a boat is backing down is simply not acceptable. Since you know that ramp well, you are doubtlessly aware that the "ramp" consists of 8-foot wide concrete treads that extend about 20 feet into the water. If your trailer axle goes off the concrete, you are in trouble. Top it off with the fact that the trail leading to the ramp is little more than a steep gravel path and even anti-lock brakes will not stop a rig from going backwards. I left out that even after he moved out of the way, he had his dog on some kind of retractable reel and let it walk behind my boat when the transom was within ten feet of the water. I love dogs to tears and this guy nearly got his dog squashed. There was an older guy sitting in a chair, 30 feet north of the concrete and he and I had a pleasant conversation after I got the boat in. No issue with him, he's not blocking the ramp, he's just fishing. The guy standing in the middle of the ramp, staring at me as I'm backing down, letting his dog go wherever it wanted and him refusing to move? That right there is a candidate for the Darwin awards. Do you have any comment regarding the guy throwing rocks at me because I was trying to trailer a boat at a public boat launch? or my truck having been broken into and the mag wheel stolen?