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  1. Here's what's playing at Roy Moore's Headquarters...
  2. they look interesting, however, a few caveats have arisen. Some people on (very large online retailer) are howling that their Instant Pot croaked after four months and that the company ignored warranty claims. Next, they have introduced a plethora of new models and it's confusing as shirt as to which one to buy....Model X cooks chicken but does not have bluetooth. If you want to cook chicken, you need Model Y. Model Z can do low & slow while running on electricity, but Model ZZZ only does low & slow while powered by propane. Yes, I'm being dramatic, however, here is a screenshot of part of their model comparison chart. And to think that I looked at slow cookers for two weeks before buying one.....
  3. Suzanne Somers. I LOVED the Thighmaster commercial......
  4. Erh, um, uh, do they have an asbestos-free version of that?
  5. Do a search of "pacman carburetor" on feebay....$10.00. On amazon, "HIPA (Set of 8) Carburetor Tune-up Adjustment Tool for Most 2-Cycle Small Engine Including 21-Teeth & 7-Teeth Splined / Pac Man / Single D / Double D / Hexagon Socket"......$13.00 and it includes two sizes of pacman fittings.
  6. Steve, congrats on kicking the habit. Back to pizza...I've been watching a bunch of videos about Frank Pepe's and Sally's "apizza" and how their standard pie has grated Romano, not mozzarella. Well, I made a pie yesterday with freshly grated Romano and it was so damn salty that even the crows wouldn't eat it. Never again. As before, just because a pizza place is in NJ does not mean it serves good pizza. There's an Italian joint near me that make fantastic food.....except for their pizza. I've never tasted anything so bland.....it looks like pizza but it doesn't taste like pizza. No SHIrT, there was no discernable flavor difference between their plain and pepperoni pie. Another local place advertises "Only the freshest homemade ingredients". OK, so why did they give me a very large takeout order in a box that said on the side, "Canned Pizza Sauce with Oregano"? The quest for good pizza and wings is a journey, not a destination.
  7. One month ago I bought a Samsung UN65MU8000 from Crutchfield for $1500.00 with no tax and free shipping. It is now down to $1400.00. Coming from a 1080p 50" plasma, this thing is insane. There are some things to keeping mind and get used to: the TV does not have a frame around the screen like a picture frame, instead, the screen extends to the very edges. I wasn't used to that but it's becoming more familiar now. Next, these super-thin TV's do not really have great sound because they are, well, super thin. I had a good surround sound system already installed so it was no problem to hook up the HDMI cables and voila, surround sound. You can get a sound bar for not a lot of money. The picture is mind-blowing, particularly 4K content. Things almost look TOO real. It will also upscale DVD's so that they equal the picture quality of Blu Ray. Lastly, the Samsung comes with a really cool feature to help with reducing the mega spaghetti mess of wires: it has a remote bus box that you connect your HDMI and coax cables to and then a single wire goes from the box to the TV. We have it mounted on the wall with the VideoSecu Tilting Extra Large TV Wall mount ($40.00 on Amazon) and you will need the Echogear Universal TV Mounting Hardware Pack ($15.00 from Amazon). This setup has totally changed our viewing experience. While we certainly were not suffering with a 50" 1080P plasma, moving up to the wall-mounted 65" Samsung was some of the best money I ever spent. We stayed away from Sony because a LOT of reviewers said the Sony smart-tv interface was infuriating. No such issues with the Samsung. I know the 65" is beyond the budget you mentioned, however, if you can swing it, do it. I can never remember saying, "I wish I bought a smaller boat, TV, snowblower etc".
  8. Lynda Carter complained bitterly that she was being "objectified" by the media and she didn't like being portrayed as a sex symbol. Let's go to the videotape: In the above picture, let's hazard some guesses..... Guys who see that pic are thinking about Lynda Carter.... A. Extolling the virtues of fluoride toothpaste B. Advising that a silver bracelet promotes cardiovascular health C. Smoking their pole with reckless abandon. Now let's take a look at the image below. Hmnn, nothing to see here, move along. I for one could never imagine going on a relentless drilling expedition.
  9. We need to get this thread back on topic.
  10. This was the 7th year of Psychedelic Turkey on the Egg and it did not disappoint. I changed up the cavity stuffing by omitting celery and swapping in Anjou pears. While this may be "daring", all this talk of spatchcocked turkey looks really awesome.
  11. Things were so different in Cape May years ago....I remember seeing a guy jump off the pier in between Morrow's Nut House and Convention Hall into 10 feet of water. Morrows is gone and there is a huge beach behind Convention Hall. I would mention specific locations where my grandfather and I had epic days on jetties that are now gone, but this is no joke, bouchedags on this board have reported "spot burn" on jetties that no longer exist. You can't make this stuff up....
  12. There seems to have been a fundamental change in bass migration patterns since the jetties were destroyed. Bass are not infiltrating and staying in the surf zone like they used to, either spring or fall, and instead they pass by offshore. I know someone with a 48ft Viking that went out this past Friday from a Central Jersey inlet and the smallest bass they caught was 45". From the beach? not many reports of 45" fish. NJ has lost all of our surf structure and there is nothing to attract or keep bass in the surf zone. There may be cuts and bars, sand fleas and calicos but that is nothing compared to the vibrant ecosystems that were created by jetties. It's not just northern/central NJ that has taken the hit. In February of this year, me, the Mrs and our little guy spent a weekend down in Cape May. We went to the Point and no kidding, I almost cried. My grandfather and I used to bucktail the Point jetties like there was no tomorrow and we did well with fluke, weakies and blues. At the remnants of one jetty, I stood on an artificial beach where in 1981, my grandfather and I hammered big fluke. It is bewildering....the Delaware River has been declared "Wild and Scenic" and it is protected from development but the NJ surf is a veritable free-for-all where anything goes.
  13. Definitely a bummer. There were pics of huge bass on the walls of that place.
  14. The Delaware River is less than 30 minutes from my house.....it has smallmouths, walleye, stripers, shad, muskies, flatheads and the occasional largemouth. A lake with big pike is five minutes from my house. A 2017 18 'x "72 Rockproof sits in my driveway. It's powered by a 225 Pro XS with an AR jet pump, can travel through four inches of water and fishes four guys with ease. NJ surf fishing has become so bad that I really don't even bother any more.There is no point in driving 90 minutes each way for the chance to catch a short or two.