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  1. There is plenty positive to say about our so-called president meeting with putin and the subsequent comments issued by our so-called president. It proves that trump is an agent of a hostile foreign nation. From, of all people, Newt Gingrich: " President Trump must clarify his statements in Helsinki on our intelligence system and Putin. It is the most serious mistake of his presidency and must be corrected—-immediately. "
  2. I nominate Merrick Garland. Now THAT is hypocrisy....
  3. Charges dismissed. Now, about the NY Attorney General suing trump.......crickets........
  4. Oh my God. I'm on the edge of my seat. The suspense is killing me. Whoops, time to go take a dump.
  5. There would be no $1.5 trillion explosion in the national debt. Remember when, while Obama was President, Republicans were all about fiscal discipline? Now tha tthey're in office, fork it, get out the American Distress card and rack up a huge tab. Our allies would not hate us Our enemies would not love us Gas prices would be lower because the Iran nuclear deal would still be in place We wouldn't have campaign staffers pleading guilty to collaborating with a hostile foreign nation. Get ready, Cohen is flipping and Manafort is going to flip. Look out below! There would be more than "thoughts and prayers" to stop school shootings America would still be leader of the free world. Now we are a pariah There wouldn't be a band of grifters living in the White House and holding Cabinet positions. Scott Pruitt (buh bye), Mayor of Mnuchins and his gold digger wife Louise Linton, Jarvanka, Melania who says her mission is to stop cyber bullying....hmnnn, who is the worst cyber bully on the planet? Yup, her husband. Who, by the way, porks porn stars, has them paid off and also porked a playboy model. When he and his third wife had a new baby. Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood There wouldn't be a revolving door in the Cabinet or of staffers....Tillerson, McMaster, Spicy, Hicks, Porter, Price, Gorka, Bannon, Scaramucci, Priebus, Flynn We'd have a president that actually works, not one that just watches TV, eats McDonalds, cracks off insane tweets and plays more golf than any president, ever. Remember Trump said that he'd be so busy working that he'd have no time for golf? How's that working out? We'd see the tax returns of the president. Trump said he'd release them but reneged. What. Is. He. Hiding? Whatever happened to Rudy Giuliani and his pledge to bring the Mueller investigation to a prompt ending? Ooops, Mueller doesn't leak and he's build a case. And Trump knows it. No lies about having the biggest inaugural crowd in history Trump boasted, "Nobody's is bigger or better at the military than me". He also boasted of paying no income taxes. Do you think that Seal Team Six is funded by bake sales? There would be two moderate Supreme Court Justices......turtleface Mitch McConnel refused to hold hearings on Merrick Garland. Trump got 3 million votes less than Clinton yet is in the White house, has nominated one reactionary judge and is getting ready to nominate another. The press would not be demonized and called an "enemy of the people". That is the stuff of tin pot dictators, not presidents. I could go on and on but facts are irrelevant to trump supporters.They are so obsessed with "winning" because they are all a bunch of losers.
  6. OK, this is the end of me trying to cook briskets on the Big Green Egg. I had been watching youtube videos of pitmasters for weeks in advance of July 4th and picked up some really good tips. There's a quality butcher shop pretty close by and I picked up a Prime 17lb packer cut. It had a nice fat cap but not much in the way of that "tank armor" fat that needs to be cut with a chain saw. OK, I trim a little fat off the point and leave a good .1/2" of an inch of fat of the flat so that it doesn't dry out. Rub the whole thing down with yellow mustard, coat it liberally with home made bbq rub, wrap tightly in plastic wrap and let it sit in the fridge for eight hours. I start the Egg and using a BBQ guru, get it to hold 225 perfectly with the plate setter and a drip pan. Just after starting the Egg, I took the brisket out of the fridge to allow it to come up to temp. After trimming, it weighed 15lbs which one pitmaster said should be cooked for a minimum of 1:15 per pound of brisket. Call me a math major, that's almost 19 hours of cook time. After one hour of the Egg holding 225 and the brisket coming up to room temp, on it goes at precisely 6:00 PM on Tuesday, fat cap down, and the BBQ guru is still holding rock-steady at 225. At 6:00 AM, i start hearing beeping sounds...."you gotta be forking kidding me"....yup, the meat temp is reading 200 degrees and it's time to pull it off. The pit temp is is 225. I wrapped the brisket tightly in foil and let it rest for an hour, however, the crowd wasn't coming over until 3:00 PM. By then, the brisket had cooled down and had to be nuked. It was like microwaving filet mignon and lobster....just ruined it. Pulled pork has never been a problem but dang it, brisket is crazy. I'll do chuck roast from now on. Rant over, thank you very much.
  7. A delicious buffet of hotties but I gotta ask: what is the bleeping obsession with the Herman Munster platform shoes? I remember Chris Rock doing a routine years ago, "What the fork is up with 'dem clear heals?......
  8. Me and a buddy hit the Big D today with less than ideal conditions....we launched at around 10:00 AM, the sun was blazing and there was no wind. We wound up with four smallies, two of them utter dinks. I dunno....the Big D seems lifeless this year. We were in stretches that usually have tons of bait, mussels, crayfish etc and they were barren. There were some stretches that had healthy grass patches which is a welcome sign. However, we struck out when pitching curly tail grubs behind big boulders. That is usually a cant-miss strategy. Current breaks were barren, small tributaries yielded nothing, deep holes were unproductive. I'm hoping that it is just the time of day and weather conditions that were the issue. The Big D suffered a massive die-off of smallies from 2010 to 2013 and it seemed like things were getting back to normal.
  9. Yes race fans, here's a quote from a former member of the English keepaway kickball team: "“Football is a simple game,” once said Gary Lineker, the former English player. “Twenty-two men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans always win.” Yup, keepwaway kickball is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo interesting. About as interesting as watching paint dry. How boring is American pro football.....enormous players crashing into each other, routes, strategy, cheerleaders, buffalo wings. NFL players suffer real injuries and say nothing about it. Keepaway kickball players fake injuries to try and get yellow and red cards pinned on opponents.
  10. Jimmy, I am sorry that your wife is now a member of a club that no one wants to join. That's the bad news. The good news is that based on the treatment you described, her doctors do not believe that the cancer has metastasized to her lymph nodes or other parts of her body. Lumpectomy and radiation is a standard treatment protocol for localized breast tumors.....the danger factor escalates if they pull a lymph node and find it contains breast cancer cells. The protocol then is to administer chemotherapy which you have not mentioned . What to do: even a minor lumpectomy will cause disfigurement. Tell your wife that you love her unconditionally and that she will be beautiful to you no matter what. There are surgeons who are highly trained in breast reconstruction following lumpectomy and a health insurer is mandated to pay for the reconstructive surgery. They do not pay for routine breast augmentation (A/K/A boob job) because that is cosmetic, not curative. This is of course highly distressing to you and your wife. However, most of my clients are biotech/pharma and the advances in breast cancer treatments are stunning. One client has rounded third and is heading for home with a vaccine that teaches the body to recognize breast cancer as an invader and the immune system attacks it. This is known as immunotherapy. One reason why cancers of all kinds are such b@$tards is that they are able to cloak themselves from the immune system. Immunotherapy turns the tables on cancer. That's just one of literally hundreds of new treatments that will soon be available and there are already therapies on the market that extend life for years for women with metastatic disease. Your wife is no where close to that . Learn to cope through knowledge and hope. Ask her doctor about what grade and stage the cancer is. Read up on it a bit but do not become obsessive and scour the internet as there can be helpful information or stories that will scare the stuffing out of you. Join a support group as people will literally drop what they are doing to talk with the two of you and stay with you though this process. Fight light, have fun. Do not rage and hate at the disease; it is simply a part of her body that has lost its way and the two of you are going to show it the door. The two of you will come out of this stronger and closer than you could possibly imagine.
  11. It does not look good. I went out on a private charter 06/18/2018 which would normally be an awesome time to live line bunker for big bass. The captain said the bass have been few and far between. He took us to some structure that held a few 12-15lb fish but he made no effort to go outside in search of blitzes. They just aren't there, at least within the 3-mile limit. At least me and the clients had an awesome dinner after the boat ride.
  12. On the Hot-Crazy Matrix, Nicole is above a 9 hot but she's WAAAAAAAY above the crazy axis. That's your strippers, redheads, hairdressers, chicks named Tiffany, teachers that have sex with students and so on. They're the ones that will key your car, you'll find a bunny in the pot, you'll get thrown in jail etc. My son's teacher is probably an 8 hot but is well below the crazy axis. This teacher just might be in the marrying zone but that is obviously not an option. She has no ring on her finger and how some dude hasn't scooped her up is a mystery. Who knows, maybe she is too high maintenance. I've seen her several times before and she's always wearing high-end outfits and jewelry. Perhaps she's teaching for the time being but actually pursuing an Mrs Degree?
  13. This hottie teacher was busted for getting jiggy with two high school students who happened to be over 18. Couldn't believe it, this happened in the county I live in. She lost her teaching license, her husband dumped her and now she lives in a run down garden apartment.
  14. Travelling on business in a very rural state, I see a sign that says, "Hot Fresh Pizza"....awesome, time to eat. Uh, actually not. Prego on white bread topped with American cheese. But that was still better than cr@p I had at Pizza Chef in Mansfield NJ. After sitting in the next-door DMV for an eternity, I was forking hungry and ordered two slices. What the flip is this?......these weren't normal-sized slices, they were short, stubby things shaped like a Dorito. And then I took a bite....holy cr@p, this stuff made frozen Elios taste like heaven. I heaved the pizza into the trash and walked out. Probably the only reason that place stays in business is that they are right next to the DMV and people are starving after having waited for hours.
  15. Folks, I am in trouble. Big trouble. It's the end of the school year and today I was introduced to my son's teacher for next year. Holy. Forking. Shirt. She could make a dead guy get a stiffie. Gorgeous face and a body that would stop traffic. What should I do? 1. Play it cool and ignore her like I do the rest of the teachers for 363 days a year 2. Spank it while thinking of her 3. Go to parent/teacher conferences with sunglasses on, claiming that I just had eye surgery and then blatantly stare at her t!ts 4. Ask for my son to be transferred to another teacher There do not seem to be any good options here. And yes, I know this thread is worthless without pics.