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  1. Folks, I hope this note finds you well and was hoping to get your opinions on something. There is a pizza place near me that I hit after work on Fridays, when Saturday yard projects have been a witch etc. Their food is good and prices are reasonable. When I pick up the food and pay with a credit card, I don't tip. IMO, tips are for a delivery driver or the waitress if we eat in. People behind the counter have been giving me nasty looks when I don't tip when picking food up. Am I being a cheapskate or are tips not warranted in that situation?. You opinions would be welcome, thanks.
  2. I bought a pro-grade dent removal tool, hot glue gun and varying-strength glue sticks. I can get small dings to the point that if you weren't looking for them, you wouldn't notice them. Pros have a lot more tools and techniques. It's worth it to at least take it to a shop that does it and see what they say.
  3. There were about 40 kids competing from various packs and my little guy's car took 2nd fastest. The winning car was shaped like a steel "I" beam....it's fastest time was 2.450 and my little guy hit 2.452. There were a few "oops" moments.....one kid tried his car out on the track before formal races started and his wheels fell off before the car even made it down the ramp. Another kid built his car too low to the ground and it was bottoming out on the rail.....poor kid didn't cross the finish line once.
  4. Yup, she sure does have class.... " According to USA Today, the children were upset about the loss, so Bündchen told them: "Just this time. Daddy won five times. They never won before. Their whole life, they never won a Super Bowl. You have to let someone else win sometimes…. We have to share.” So, the Cheatriots "let" the Eagles win. Gotcha.
  5. A brown & orange hair jig tipped with a small pork rind crawdad trailer is lethal.
  6. Matt Stonie is good for some insane eating. Here's him putting down 5 Big Macs in 60 seconds Another competitive eating legend is Randy Santel. He doesn't go for speed, he goes for insane quantity. On an eating tour of Europe, he went to one English pub that serves up a 15lb breakfast that they claim could not be eaten by one person in one day. Ham, bacon, sausage, eggs, baked beans (Brits eat that for breakfast), mushrooms, potatoes, tomatoes and bread. Santel downed it in less than 20 minutes.
  7. I do not see how this is humanly possible, but she did it: 501 wings in 30 minutes. She weighs 127 lbs and beat guys who weigh more than twice as much as her. Here is a video of her eating three 72-oz steaks in 20 minutes.
  8. I had a double whammy yesterday....I left a scrap of 2x4 on the driveway last weekend and yesterday the snowblower ate it. 20 minutes replacing the shear pin. Next up on the **** parade, the wind had blown a poly tarp off of a firewood stack and it neatly laid on the driveway under the snow. The blower sucked it up and it wrapped around the auger like a burrito. There went 30 minutes with a razor knife. Come on spring, I gots to go fishin!
  9. I love Sichuan string beans....the only problem is, prepping them is a forking pain in the @$$....I'm lazy, hence, a lot of broccoli gets served in our house.
  10. It is quite deeper than that and as mentioned in a subsequent post, two kids fell through the ice and drowned in January 2013. It was dark out and somehow one of the kids cell phones still worked after the ice broke. He called 911 and the police responded but they could not find where the kids fell in before their screams fell silent. The town has placed ice rescue equipment at several points around the lake in case someone falls in. "LOL" indeed.....
  11. My fishing report: I saw some guys ice fishing on Budd Lake, dangerously close open water.
  12. My house was built by the most incompetent, cheap@$$ fool on the planet. I overlooked the terrible tape/spackle job, the tragic finish carpentry etc., but this one made me purple with rage. When I bought the house, there was a Fisher Grandma Bear woodstove in the rec room....they seller said that they used it to heat the whole house during the winter. Great, I thought. The problem with it was that every time I used it, there was an overpowering smoke smell....I checked every joint in the stove pipe, looked for cracks or broken welds in the stove itself etc and could not find the source. After a year of heating with the smoke dragon, I switched to a Harman pellet stove and part of the installation included running 4-inch flexible stainless pellet pipe down the chimney and through the terra cotta wall thimble. No smoke smell. After three years, my wife wanted to move the pellet stove to the corner of the rec room so I had to rip the sheetrock off the wall, demo the terra cotta pipe thimble, put new insulation in etc. Well well well, guess what I found? Yup, a 3/4" gap between the terra cotta pipe that leaked smoke inside the wall every time I used thew woodstove. All it would have taken was one decent ember to fall through that gap and a fire would have resulted. How this passed inspection is beyond me. Enjoy.
  13. If I was unconscious, this is how I would want to be resuscitated...
  14. The weigh-in for my son's derby is next week. For flip's sake, for the amount of money I've spent on gadgets to build this thing...axle straightener, wheel bore polisher, tungsten weights etc etc, I could have bought a real car. While this is as dirty as it gets, there are outfits out there that if you send them the local race rules, they will build a car that they guarantee will win. Our local race rules require use of only what is in the kit....no aftermarket wheels or axles etc. The only thing they allow is aftermarket weights. One neat trick I picked up on the internet was before inserting the axles, make a paste out of graphite and rubbing alcohol and glob the paste all over the axles and inside the wheel bore. The alcohol dries out and leaves heavy deposits of graphite where you need it most. It did make an infernal mess