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  2. Point taken... I'm sure SuperMoto's do SuperMoto very well
  3. Hey, thanks for the heads up, I called, Robert was not working today, they do not have any VR 50's in stock, the person I spoke with is calling their other store to check for me.  Thanks again

  4. Where’s the one with the bird on the rail watching Toad fish ?
  5. WORD !!!! Sorry friend.....stellar work was done here. Thanks DOAF, funny chit
  6. I think she was just busting balls. We do that here.
  7. Lots of good suggestions here! Checkout “a river never sleeps” written by Roderick Haig Brown. It’s nonfiction but beautifully written and with great stories. A must read in my opinion.
  8. Yeah I would have assumed chopping it with her was (at the very least) the right thing to do and if Wife of a Lawyer turned that down demanding the whole thing then it's on her and here we are twelve years later. Two dollars, I want my two dollars
  9. I hope Pat has lots of kids who won't take any of his advice.
  10. I hope she finds a guy that will put up with her incessant nagging.
  11. Welcome to the forum. You will love it here. First ,I would use your outfit for chunking bait. You can use a top and bottom rig, a fish finder rig, witch I like the best. But for starting off stick with a t & b rig, or a 3 way swivel . Are you using Mono or Braid. On your size tackle I would start off with Mono. What size is the reel, what's the rod rated for. For casting plugs and buck tails I like a 9' rod rated from 1'2 -3 or 4 oz.with 17lb mono with a 30 lb shock leader. Let us know. There will be someone soon to help you , There are forum member's here that I wish I knew what they forgot about surf fishing. Oh yeah what are you going after. Tight lines'
  12. selling some gear- pick up in cherry hill nj or negotiate meet point. Penn Slammer III 500 loaded with 40# PP (I believe) the rod is teh 10' 1-5oz parabolic rod. Feels great in hand. I don't use this rod to often and I want to finance camera equipment. $300 picked up
  13. Bummer I was hoping they’d get her back. Where’s they find her the pig farm?
  14. Take your pic . . .
  15. I wish her well. I also hope Doug finds someone. Then again I hope all you mutts do.
  16. You sir are one sick basterd and will fit right in with the kayak crowd wherever you shall roam! Doctor Hannibal Lecter would be so proud.
  17. Gallup is biased and can’t be trusted. Oh, wait, Gallup is one of the good pollsters, Rasmussen is the one that must be attacked. Never mind, carry on. ================== Tranditionally, diplomacy has used a olive branch as a metaphor. In modern times, the olive branch being offered is a way of kowtowing to the adversary. In days of old, the olive branch could, if needed, be used as a club, to beat some sense into the adversary. Modern diplomacy has been all nice-nice, especially after the past admin, forgetting that diplomacy has to include an element of action and force. Trump seems to understand the more traditional palette of diplomacy.
  18. I’m not sure.
  19. Also, I suspect that transmission temperatures are lower when driving in 4-lo, due to less slip in the torque converter. But without an ODBII reader, I don't know for sure.
  20. The Bush years clearly point out the sham that is trickle down economics.
  21. this kind of info is gold to me thanks so much. across all the models and motors in the age range im looking at it seems that the trannys are the real weak point in all of them. Is this your experience too?
  22. Well we will agree to disagree on that one. Please name a right policy he enacted. The only one I can think of is all the folks he killed with drones. Obama liked remote kills. His administration drew more leftists and communists out of the woodwork than I thought was possible.
  23. Such a shame.
  24. That guy is clearly wrong.
  25. Yes, that's it, a horse head. Amiright?
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