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  2. 2 decades ago anyone saying such things would have been called traitors by Reagan and other Republican hawks. How times have changed.
  3. Egads, what moral equivalence.
  4. I tried to fish the sudbury reservoir one day and found no shore access due to it being so developed. If this trail is how you access the water, I would be curious to know as well.
  5. How did that line roller work out for you? I've been meaning to get my old 300 back into service but never liked the stock roller and was looking for a way to update it.
  6. Quick! Which of these is an assault rifle?
  7. Can I have the green .75 oz danny on the bottom?
  8. Who is going to read all that, you need to summerize!
  9. You are mixing the NGC with the KR Concept. Not recommended but not against the law. Have you tried the 25H where you have the 30? It should be about the same height as the 30.
  10. It is wood
  11. Who cares about Illinois? I could careless, those people are lost, but dummies think they're recoverable, more Nirvana thinking!
  12. Zappa is a god.
  13. Christina Hendricks . I've had dreams about her.
  14. Looking at $55 shipped PayPal. If you local to RI, can do a little cheaper?
  15. Do kids in HS now still fall into the Millenial category..?? Not sure, but they did bring us the Tide pod challenge...
  16. Bad parents and feel like they are someone!
  17. Sheep are much dirtier.
  18. I will take the green 2oz swimmer (top one) for $22 please. Thanks.
  19. Thats cause their clueless and useful idiots, they will change in time, so to bad for you!
  20. has the "mr softie" issue you mentioned yesterday ever resurfaced?
  21. I would lay a sizable bet the young lady with the shaved head who seems to be getting most of the air time has been indoctrinated for quite some time now...
  22. I think if you look at what happened in Florida and your conclusion is that an assault weapon ban will fix the problem, you really didqualify yourself from being smart enough to be part of the solution
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