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  2. I hear Jason Campbell is available
  3. PM sent
  4. The forecast was way off, last night swellinfo was calling for 4-5 building to 5-6. there was nothing, I should have called Mick to go. Didn't think his back would enjoy 15 miles in a big ground swell. pulled up right next to the Mohawk looking for snaps. Chris opened the window to yell at us.
  5. sad, though relevant issue, is today's players owe something to slacery and slaver traders, in a very obscene way. Without the selection of the biggest and healthiest in Africa, the survivors' bias for those that survived the journey and the selective mating that was done over many generations in the 1800s, today's pro athletes bear little physical resemblance to their current day DNA-cousins in Africa. A seemingly obscene way of looking at it but does not change the facts that today's NFL stars were not born in Africa for good reason.
  6. I'll take #7 and 10 please.
  7. Are you by the canal at all?
  8. Never apologize......I didn't take it seriously anyway. If I was gay I'd be proud of it......sorta.
  9. Try the 1oz loads Spig........ you won't miss the 1/8oz of shot and felt recoil is sweet. I went to 1oz loads with under 1200fps velocities and on a pattern board the shot pattern is even with less holes as compared to 11/8oz and faster loads. I'll never go back. I even shoot these and 7.5 1oz loads for trap or long edge on sporting targets with a better hit percentage. But that could just be something my shooting style adapts to very well... others may have different results. A guy I often shoot with swear by hot heavy loads for everything though he has never patterned his gun.
  10. Great game 170 shipped
  11. Shipping still out?
  12. On a side note; that trike is uglier than a bar of homemade soap.
  13. Thanks for the offer, just found one!
  14. Seriously Red. That whole set up came as a kit. Not off of any particular bike. We have a local plastics place I went to here and they were able to make me a smoked plexi windshield for my center console a few years ago. You might want to check around your area for someplace similar. They can take a few measurements and form a windshield for you without too much trouble.
  15. Was watching the game with jr. He says odell beckham's hair looks like ramen noodles.
  16. Thats perfect ill take it, thanks you
  17. Guilty! I'll be in
  18. Here's my boy first tog keeper from the river. 15.5inch
  19. The green and blue appear to have silver metallic sides from the pictures. Do you still have a green with gold metallic sides, like this one?
  20. $45 shipped paypal
  21. I suspect this launch is not a just a coincidence with current events. VENTURA (CBSLA/AP) — Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Sept. 23, 2017. (30th Space Wing –Vandenberg Air Force Base/Facebook) It was actually a rocket launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base Saturday evening carrying a top secret payload. The spy satellite for the U.S. National Reconnaissance Office launched just before 11 p.m. Seconds after the scheduled launch — the ship’s main engine and four rocket boosters — were off with a roar. The United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket is carrying a classified NROL-42 satellite. Rocket scientist Olympia LePoint said the ship reached the speed of sound in 35 seconds. “We’re gonna see dark, we’re gonna see light, all different types of colors because we have different rockets that is going to lift that high payload weight into space,” said LePoint prior to the launch. Though classified, LePoint said we can still tell a lot about the mission because they are using the Atlas Five. The Atlas 5 rocket is one of the strongest, capable of carrying 18,000 pounds. “It is a spy satellite that’s being delivered up into our upper atmosphere” LePoint said. “It’s our eyes and ears towards space.” It’s rumored the ship’s cargo is a highly-specialized orbital camera that can give us larger-than-ever views of the Northern hemisphere. That could come in more than handy given our current political climate. “Allow us to be able to see if anything is being launched that is supposed to be launched or isn’t supposed to be launched,” LePoint said. NRO satellites gather intelligence information for U.S. national security and an array of other purposes including assessing impacts of natural disasters. U.S. officials have not revealed what the spacecraft will be doing or what its orbit will be. United Launch Alliance is a joint venture of Lockheed Martin and Boeing.CBS
  22. I have a white redhead conrad if you dont find the rainbow.
  23. Wait...I have a rainbow sloped conrad, just found it
  24. mpbr
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