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  2. What would you like to see them do? I think the less they do the better off we are.
  3. Sorry, but while the interior looks awesome, that charring on the crust screams of an overpowering burnt/charcoal flavor that would mask all of the other goodness. Sort of why, although I have never had it, the famous place in New Haven turns me off.....I have had similar in other places, and sorry, just not for me. And Donna would say "I ain't eating that, it is BURNT!!!" But then, being a North Jersey born and breed person in her own right, she knows good pizza as well as I do.......
  5. Yesterday you called me the dumbest person on SOL Now you're calling me a feeble minded person. You're on a roll Frank, keep up the good work. And now "mentally handicapped" can be added to your list. Have a nice Thanksgiving Frank.
  6. Off shore flat at low incoming.
  7. Ever been out at the back of the Hook in the winter? Dozens of them out on the bar by Skeleton Island
  8. Hope the seals don’t start living here. Seals =great whites
  9. Calling the Dems, only, the establishment is being untruthful. There are plenty of Reps who are leaders of the establishment as well. Anyone who has served longer then 2 terms is the establishment. Anyone who runs unopposed cycle after cycle is the establishment
  10. Oh, and BTW, yeah gotcha, probably should have not hit return on that last smilie..... Sorry.
  11. Go eat a turkey leg Fake News Mokes.
  12. LOL!! This might be the best answer you are looking for..
  13. Stuff is wonderful. I would like to grow my own, but haven't gotten a chance to dig a place out of the way to put it, as it has to be in the right spot since it is VERY invasive and hard to eradicate when it takes over. Have tried to grow it in pots, but I don't get much from it. Every so often if it looks good in the produce section of the super I will buy a root and grind it myself for a sinus clearing experience
  14. Skinny that's great. With the proliferation of real Neapolitan pizza, like above, it almost needs a separate category. Traditional NYC pizzeria pizza would be another category. The New Haven joints are closer to the Neapolitan style than most. Steve's crap and the tons of other crap he threw on it would be with Ellios, Celeste, category.
  15. Hey Tim, Please give P10 buttons for this forum (he'll only need em for about a minute )
  16. Not necessarily, I like anchovies.
  17. Raider is laughing at you right now. what a ***.
  18. Allred is backing away from the yearbook (co-signed by Moore's secretary lol) faster than a NFL cornerback. She has offered to only submit it in a situation that she knows will never happen.
  19. before you judge your flies soak em in water. they probably look better than you think
  20. Excellent, thank you - I've added you to the new group - please choose the skin from "Themes" titled help_me_find_bad_ad
  21. I really would like the threads that had pictures. Can anyone help me?
  22. Or smell better. eff mitchell, that pizza hating freak.
  23. That would be wonderful, if i had buttons I’ll ban myself too.
  24. my Son got a decent striper today I just heard about one Not sure how the day Finished
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