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  2. One of the Articles of Impeachment prepared to be brought against Nixon, was his attempt to politicize the IRS. This was considered to be so unacceptable as to completely disqualify the man from continuing. I am very disappointed that the same article wasn’t presented to impeach Obama. Thanks for noticing me, and good luck with your hobby of being disagreeable regardless of the facts. I’m grateful you exist.
  3. Yea, looking around the net, the ox66 gets 2 mpg. I now want a G2 but $20 k is a lot of gas.
  4. Please.
  5. Yes. Fresh, they sell for a good price in the resort areas during the summer. And I enjoy them, when they come from the right place and are handled properly. Bluefish that have been feeding on bunker are awful; blues that have been feeding on sand eels, squid, etc. are far better. Bleed them immediately, bury them in ice immediately after, and cook them with mustard, tomatoes, ginger, teriyaki or other ingredients that cut the oil, and they can be very good. Handle them wrong, and they're awful.
  6. All I can decipher is red pulled out his blackened pork roll, someone called him hun and pete didn't take kindly to the latter. Am I getting warm?
  7. Not remotely a "new issue"... or even one "ramped up" by Trump. The only thing really ramped up is the volume of the Dem party on this topic. Four years ago they were going to court to support this policy. "In 2014, an unprecedented surge of migrant families from Central America crossed the U.S.-Mexico border. Although detention centers had been used long before this, that year the Obama administration made them key to its immigration policy. Dilley was built that year, and Karnes was greatly expanded. Immigration advocates fought back, and last year in the Federal District Court for the Central District of California, Judge Dolly Gee made a ruling that helped their case. In her decision last July, the judge said the centers were in “deplorable” condition, and that they failed to meet even minimal standards. Gee pointed to a 1997 ruling that determined the government cannot treat a child in detention as it would an adult. She ordered the Obama administration to release the migrant kids from both Texas centers. That didn’t happen. The Obama administration appealed, and for the past year has tried to figure out how to get around the ruling. In December, Texas held a public hearing about whether it could issue detention centers a childcare license. At the meeting, Paul Morris, who’s in charge of issuing the licenses on behalf of the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, told the crowd, “My staff would make periodic inspections of the facilities. They would investigate any allegations of abuse and neglect and any other alleged violations of minimum standards.” That’s largely how the government has framed the need for the license. Immigration and Customs Enforcement—the federal agency that oversees the private company that runs Karnes facility—has said it’s an “important step forward in ICE’s commitment to enhancing oversight and transparency.” But an Austin-based immigration attorney at the meeting, Virginia Raymond, called the idea “an insult to the common sense of the people of Texas.”
  8. I thought of that, but "wife" from the bible doesn't translate very well to the modern day "wife" in the liberal vernacular
  9. UUggghhhh.
  10. **** you Two!!!!!
  11. Can I get a quick recap please? Apropos of pete's last comment I must've missed something.
  12. I am gonna let it slide for now.
  13. Saw several taken about 6-7yrs back in Raritan Bay
  14. They're not common north of the Chesapeake, although at least one (and possibly two, but it might have been a redundant rumor) good-sized ones were c aught in Great South Bay last year.
  15. I was hoping it would be girl on girl for at least a little while.
  16. If that's going to get them to that mystical living wage you guys opine about all the time, I'd be thrilled. If you are talking serious money that is going to cause prices to go way up, not so much. Sometimes i question the ability of the left to do basic math, then i realize they are probably just being dishonest.
  17. Should I run out and get some vodka?
  18. larger
  19. Do people really eat these fish?
  20. Fingers crossed.
  21. was it the bell rd parking lot. i would like to know because i am down there frequently and need to know to be looking out for those crazies.
  22. LOL I hope this old bag knows when to keep her kock sucker shut this could get stupid real quick.
  23. There are bigots in every class of man.... no group is immune.
  24. Got ya. Missed the links.
  25. Linesider, you are correct!! I'll pm my paypal access and ship tomorrow. Thank you Tom
  26. You believe our immigration laws are morally reprehensible? What would you like to see instead?
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