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  2. I have one id sell you.Look at my recent post i just bought it.
  3. I like Suffix 832 over powerpro, very smooth braid line
  4. no one can ever golf more than Obama...fact. He golfed more rounds than there were weekends.
  5. Crazy and wasting your time.
  6. It's going to be a bit. The cold spring has really put the brakes on spawning activity in the Chesapeake. While the spring sun is likely the trigger for mature bass to move inshore for spawning, when they find cold water most simply hold back and stall until temps approach 60. Those that don't, have all their eggs killed by cold. Temps in the Chesapeake are in the 50s and need another week of warmth before the holding bass really charge up and spawn heavy. Since they aint comin north til the deed is done.. I would be very surprised if Buzzards Bay gets the 1st push of Keepers in mid-May like last year. Current SSTs are still rippin cold from the winter. Because of the clear sky today, we got a nice satellite scan. It still shows near uniformity in water temps, with shallow areas like BB & ACK Sound just starting to differentiate and warm up ahead of the deeper areas. Surface currents remain in their standard configuration. Need strong SW winds to flip it which imo helps a bit, but more importantly I think it piles a bubble of surface warmed water right against the shorelines of south coast, which the fish seem to enjoy. Looking back against other years, April 2018 is sort of running near 2015(a very cold winter/early spring) which also featured a delayed start. Given the 7-day forecast, the first small stuff will probably be into BB around May 1st. Mem Day wknd looks to be a sh¡tshow at the trench, with the good fish likely arriving somewhat closer to the holiday this yr.
  7. Hillary and Bill should be in Federal prison. Both Obamas are racists. The fact that the Bush's are willing to pose with them shows that the club, the swamp, is of greater importance than the country as a whole. This picture sickens me.
  8. roy curley would know better on these.
  9. $23 shipped on the lights out
  10. I will never replace a line unless it develops cracks in it, that is my benchmark, then I do it asap before it starts to create a hindging effect on the cast and stripping issues on the guides. I very seldom if ever ever replace backing. Lines that don't get used much mostly need a good stretch before used and proper storage otherwise and they will last many years.
  11. As long as you steer clear of balsa cored hulls. Simpler design hulls without fitted furniture are easier to service. I did my stringers with PT PLY, the transom i replaced with seacast pourable composite for $600. it was a fun project all in all. Some of the worst water is inshore, buzzards can be like glass in the mornin, but turn very snotty in minutes and the rips are usually inshore.
  12. Would you be willing to trade?
  13. these ref$ suck even the replay ones ****ing blind
  14. Looking for some opinions on this rod and specs. How fast is it and what is the max weight? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  15. willing to split these up
  16. Think the tail is shorter from what I remember. I’ll be able to tell you for sure in about a month.
  17. Out front, MoCo, early afternoon. Wind was SE when I arrived at 11:45 am. Water felt colder. Solid hit on first cast and that was it! Little guys weren't hitting or weren't there, like the last two days. Water was crystal clear.
  18. Chumley, are the phlayers winning yet ? nice work Thomass
  19. Yes, on step its the same as a regular deep V. When drifting its very stable in roll compared to a deep V.
  20. Latest off the drying wheel
  21. I still have an old 8 track player and tapes from the early 70's in my garage. Oddly enough, I didn't find any 10cc, Foreigner, or Kansas tapes. I somehow feel incomplete now.
  22. I think AOK makes the best metals. You won’t be disappointed.
  23. Already have a rod for it... The L is for left hand isn't it? I need right handed turn...I'll add that to the original post.
  24. it might be faster and cheaper to just run over to the "pull your own" junkyard and grab a cassette capable car stereo"
  25. Can you pick out the rapist in that line up? I can....
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