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Shappell S2000 Ice Shelter

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Pros: price, construction, floor,

Cons: not roomy for the Tall

I bought this basically so my wife can tag along and I could fit it in a car. As I age I find it an asset for me. It is a little short for me, but sitting down on a bucket or a chair, no problem. holds heat well and is roomy enough for 2. It has a floor with marine carpeting too. I set mine up BEFORE stepping on the ice. top support poles can be some what tricky, but after the first outing, you can figure it out quickly on the next outing. If you set it up at home first, remember to put your full gear on including gloves that way it will be a breeze to set up. You can also put electrical tape around the metal ceiling support poles for some comfort when assembling when using no gloves. With wind on your back, I unzip both doors and drag it effortlessly and if windy enough it will be at your side. REMEMER TO ANCHOR IT FIRST B/C IF NOT YOU MAY LOSE IT TO WIND. I anchor mine to the hole with threadded rod, thick wire and bungy or rope attached to the shelter floor inside. Windows are large and let great amout of light in if wanted velcro open or shut to check on tipups.
. have a buddy heater and will not use a can of propane in a day. Dont need much heat on a sunny day no matter what the temp is outside.
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Shappell S2000 Ice Shelter

Shappell S2000 Ice Shelter. Does double - duty as a hunting blind! Ready right out of the box for your ice fishing AND hunting needs! Yes, as a solo stakeout shelter or 2-person winter "lake home", the S2000 has everything you demand. Plus, its lightweight, shock-corded steel frame construction makes set-up and transport as easy as it gets. Get more for your hard-earned money... the S2000 has you covered in the outdoors - hunting or fishing - for one affordable price! More use, more money saved: High-count polyester fabric; Windproof, waterproof and fire retardant; (4) Removable windows with shades (9 x 16"); ID pouch; Double-stitched tent, fully-attached, no air gaps; Blackout for site fishing; 2 Bi-directional zipper doors; Shock corded steel frame; Polyethylene base folds in half for easy storage, transport; Marine carpeted floor (S2000 model); Bucket carriers molded into floor help keep gear on Shelter when moving; 2 Large inline fishing holes with hinged covers (9 x 20"); Reflectors for night safety; 3 1/2' x 5' x 4'9"h., set up. 3 1/2' x 2 1/2' x 5"h., folded; 34 lbs.; Order today! Shappell S2000 Ice Shelter

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TitleShappell S2000 Ice Shelter
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