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Penn Prevail Surf Rod Reviews

Positive Reviews


Penn Prevail beauty and muscle


Pros: looks, cost, workmanship

Cons: a little on heavy side- but for price....

I have 2- 11 foot models, one spinning and one casting. The spinning model is considerably heavier than the casting model, since I use the spinning model for bait and wait- it isn't an issue.. I don't use the casting model much as I will use it for pluggin for the fall run. I have been using the spinning model all summer and feel with several hundred casts and several fish- some good sized under it's belt I can give a fair review. When I first got the rod I paired it with a fin nor fst80 which is live liner type reel. I was able to cast 6oz and bunker chunks/ heads without any issues what so ever. The fin nor reel would lock up on me sometimes, once I had a fairly good sized...
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Negative Reviews


Broke Rod on 2nd Surf Trip


Pros: Good grips

Cons: Not sturdy, rod broke, not well made, poor quality

I liked the feel of the rod and a good price but the rod broke on the second surf trip. Was throwing 4oz with cut mullet and the rod broke just under the reel seat. Heard a crunching noise of graphite with a closer look the rod wall was very thin and not consistent. Please avoid this rod, Penn quality still suffers, much better rods out that at that price. Oh, and Dick's sporting Goods not helpful on return, out $90 bucks.

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Amazed by the range when the midsection kicks in...


Pros: Incredible distance power with full 12' flex on cast and return

Cons: None seen as of yet

Right after the Penn Prevail contest began, I saw a Prevail for an unbelievable price of $95.00 at D..k's Sporting Goods.  Could this possibly be the same rod that Penn is offering in their never ever ending contest?  Yeah, it was, so I picked one up.  I combined it with my Fin-Nor Sportfisher Spinning Reel SF-60, and spool of 50# Power-Pro Smooth Casting Blue/White braid line.  The rod and reel are now matched at 50# and the guides are truly designed for the smooth handling of braid...frankly, they are almost too smooth!  Here's my problem.  I fish in Mystic, Connecticut, on the Mystic River which is a fairly wide river at the point where the draw bridge...
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Pros: Value, Performance

Cons: Reel seat

I had heard about the Penn Prevail surf rods but could not find one locality so going on line and I could not believe the prices. How can they manufacture this rod ship them and still have the retailer be able to offer them at $99.99? So I ordered one and after shipping, some old partly use gift cards it was deliver to my door in four days for $90.63 out of pocket. I ordered a 12 foot conventional rated at 4- 10 oz. and matched it up with a Penn 525 mag (with two ext. mag) loaded with 17lb mono and a 40lb mono shocker cord.   I must say I’m impressed with the way the rod preformed. Casting with 4, 6, 8, 10 0z’s plus bait I found that the rod loaded and released very well....
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