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Gary Yamamoto Original Senko


Pros: Easy to use and catches bass like crazy

Cons: Does not last long -Not very durable

If you follow the Freshwater threads you know that the 4-6" Senkos will often catch bass when nothing else will. They cast like a dream and sink quickly because of their heavy salt content and have an enticing wiggle/flutter as they sink. Whether you rig them Texas style or wacky style they simply catch bass. What is somewhat new is using the smaller ones for stream smallmouths. Even if you just cast them upstream and dead drift them the smallmouths love them. Their high salt content also makes them fragile so get ready to open you wallet because you may only get one or two bass on one before it is torn up.frown.gif

Twins N Fins and McNiffish, I am not saying the the Senko is the end all and be all of bass fishing simply that they often work and sometime work extremely well.

While I use them, a long with flukes, worms, creatures, swim baits, and other plastics, I also use a lot of hard baits and jigs which is actually my preferred way to fish when they are working for me. I have also used a lot of the Senko knock-offs, but most of them don't work quite as well as the original Senko. One of the best of these knock-offs IMHO is the Yum Dinger.
I will have to check out the cut tail. It sounds excellent.
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Gary Yamamoto Original Senko

The one that started the softplastic stick bait revolution. Loaded with salt to both add weight and flavor, the Senko has consistently been a top producer in the professional circuits. Can be rigged several different ways. The Senko wiggles and slides through the water with an incredible action. Has a slow, undulating action on the fall. Imported.Sizes: 3", 4", 5"Per 10; 6", 7"Per 5.Color: (002)Smoke, (008)Red, (020)Black, (021)Black/Blue Flake, (036)Cream White, (133)Chartreuse/Black Flake, (157)Smoke/Black/Purple Flake, (159)Blue Black/Chartreuse Flake, (169)Chartreuse/Greene/Chartreuse Flake, (177)Smoke/Black/Silver Flake, (182)Watermelon, (208)Watermelon/Black/Red Flake, (213)Purple/Emerald Flake, (214)Smoke/Black/Blue/Gold Flake, (221)Cinnamon/Black/Purple Flake, (222)Watermelon/Red/Green Flake, (229)Bubblegum, (231)Plum/Emerald Flake, (234)Purple Pearl/Blue Flake, (236)Smoke/Root beer/Green/Copper Flake, (239)Blue Pearl/Black/Hologram Flake, (240)Smoke Pearl/Black Flake, (241)Cinnamon Brown, (297)Green Pumpkin/Black Flake(not shown), (301)Green Pumpkin/Green/Purple Flake, (303)Pearl/Gold/Black Flake, (305)Baby Bass, (306)Natural Shad, (323)Watermelon/Black/Gold Flake, (329)Watermelon/Purple Flake, (357)Light Green Pumpkin/Red Flake, (358)Dark Pumpkin /Purple Black, (359)Smoke Blue/Purple Silver, (523)Black/Blue Flake/Blue Tip, (541)Cinnamon/Black/Purple Flake/Merthiolate Tip, (542)Watermelon/Black Flake/Lemon Tip, (543)Smoke/Black/Copper Flake/Lemon Tip, (577)Clear/Black Flake, (600)Green Pumpkin/Black Flake, (671)Watermelon/Black Flake, (675)Pumpkin/Black/Green Flake, (711)Smoke/Black Flake, (900)Red Shad, (901)Watermelon/Cream Flake, (904)Black/Blue Flake, (906)Watermelon/Lemon Flake, (908)Rainbow Trout, (918)Peanut Butter/Jelly(not shown), (925)Green Pumpkin/Red Watermelon, (927)Smoke/Purple/Hologram, (953)Smoke/Purple Blue Flake, (954)Purple/Merthiolate Flake/Cinnamon, (955)Watermelon Black/Red Black, (956)Blue Pearl/Silver, (957)Watermelon Copp...

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