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Check out Get Bit Outdoors' Black Friday Sale!

Our sponsor Get Bit Outdoors is having a huge Black Friday sale on BLACK FRIDAY ONLY.  Some items are up to 80% off.  If you're interested, check out their newsletter here! read more

Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60HS: Service Tutorial and First Look

Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60HS Service Tutorial Hey guys, And now for something completely least for me, anyways . The Abu Garcia Revo Toro NaCl 60HS is a heavy duty saltwater bait caster that has been out for a little while now so we'll take a look at how to service the reel and protect it from saltwater. Of course, we will also give a look inside for guys considering them for their quiver who want to see the guts. This service post is also coinciding with my own interest in this category of reel due to their terrific performance casting straight... read more

Balloon Fisher King Introduces Night Fisher For Night Balloon Fishing

This is a message from our sponsor Balloon Fisher King.  Thanks to Balloon Fisher King for your support of StripersOnline!   Wilmington, N.C.—Balloon Fisher King has introduced Night Fisher, a first-of-its-kind fishing tackle item for night time balloon fishing.  Night Fisher provides an all-in-one kit which includes Balloon Fisher King balloon clips that attach and remove a balloon to fishing line in just seconds and provide adjustable, precise bait depth control, along with glow sticks and bright colored balloons for improved bait spotting and strike monitoring... read more

3rd Annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Northeast Fishing Tourney begins June 1st.

    The 3rd annual Pabst Blue Ribbon Northeast Fishing Tournament begins on June 1st and runs through Sept. 14th.  With over $55K in guaranteed cash winnings, weekly and monthly leader prizes, a striper catch & release competition, plus entry prizes, the Tourney offers the most inshore tournament winnings in the region.       Adult and Junior anglers can fish for the largest striped bass, bluefish, and fluke in Long Island, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island waters.    Registration is $35 for adults before July 15th ($40 thereafter) and $20 for juniors... read more

Penn Conflict 4000: Service Tutorial and First Look

The new Penn Conflict is another in the established lineage of the Sargus and Battle in that it uses the nearly the same body plan but refines it just a touch further with a couple of nice upgrades that up the ante a bit. I will admit what got me curious about this reel were some of the good reviews by fans of the Penn Battle finding it a great value and a smooth reel. Not everyone requires a Stella or Saltiga to land their near shore quarry and we'll see if this reel has something to offer that angler and we'll help him prep his reel. When I do a Service Tutorial I... read more

Penn Torque Lever Drag 25NLD2: Service Tutorial and First Look

Well hi there gents! It’s been awhile since I have done one of these but a reel that I was very interested in the Penn Torque 25N Lever Drag 2-speed has been out for a bit now and the time and opportunity arose and here we are: As is the usual when I do one of these it is intended to help the DIY guy and to also provide a look at the reel insides for the curious who may be interested. I haven't fished one and a true on the water test over months would be the ideal way to assess it's performance. This reel has been hard fished however so we can see if any... read more

Night Combat Surf Fishing

This is an article I wrote for On The Water back in December of 1999. I wish I had the photos from the article to add but they are buried deep in my man cave somewhere. Hope you enjoy it. NIGHT COMBAT SURF FISHING     NIGHT COMBAT SURF FISHING - Now that certainly is a strange phrase, but it pretty much describes one of my strangest fishing experiences.     In the mid 1960’s my teenage fishing years were put on hold by a stint in the U.S. Army.  At age 19, I found myself in Viet Nam, on the shores of Cam Ranh Bay.  While most locations in ‘Nam were truly... read more

The Balloon Fisher King - "A Game Changer"

A few of our members tried out the Balloon Fisher King, a great product from one of our newest sponsors.  They shared their experiences with us below - check it out!   From Mainer185:     "Loved the Balloon Fisher King! It made balloon fishing a hell of a lot easier. For the sake of this test I primarily used the smaller balloon with chunked bunker. I targeted stripers and blues and ran into a good amount during my tests. The first week it was all blues.   The most memorable outing was when the blues were pushing on some bunker. I casted the balloon rig out... read more

Reviews of the OlisoPRO™ VS97A Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit

A few of our members got to try out the OlisoPRO™ VS97A Vacuum Sealer Starter Kit over the past month and shared their reviews with us.  Thanks so much to Oliso for providing these vacuum sealers, and thanks to our reviewers for their great feedback!   From Tammy, aka TLDIG:   Nobody really LOVES cleaning and dealing with fish. They’re fun to catch. They’re good to eat. Bringing them home and cleaning them and then having to find something to do with the parts you can’t eat? Not really so great, no. Problem solved.   The Oliso VS97A takes care of that for you.... read more

The 2013 Pabst Blue Ribbon Striped Bass & Fluke Tournament (Press Release)

Sponsored Content by Pabst Blue Ribbon     The 2013 Pabst Blue Ribbon Striped Bass & Fluke Tournament     After a successful inaugural 2012, Pabst Blue Ribbon proudly announces its expanded 2013 fishing tournament.  The Pabst Blue Ribbon Northeast Striped Bass and Fluke Tournament, which now runs from June 1 to September 15, is broadening its territorial coverage beyond Rhode Island waters to include Connecticut and the Long Island, NY region.  With new waters also comes a new species.  PBR has added a Fluke division with impressive cash prizes (1st:... read more

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