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Rm Smith Lures And Custom Plugs

RM Smith Lures - RM Smith Custom Plugs

RM Smith, a.k.a. 'labrador1', makes some of the most amazing plugs to ever grace the modern surf bag. You can purchase them here through our online store - RM Smith Custom Lures - you can search for them and read about them on SurfTalk...there's been a lot of discussion on RM Smith Plugs over the years - with lots of pictures, too! Here's just a quick look at the RM Smith Lures that you can purchase here:

RM Smith Lures - bunkerRM Smith Custom Plugs - blue herring
RM Smith Plugs - nightfish
In this photo above, you can see the incredible detail of this RM Smith Nightfish color plug - this is the same sized lure as the two pictures above it. Amazing.
RM Smith 2oz Bigeye Swimmers
This group of RM Smith Lures is of the 2oz size RM Smith Bigeye Swimmer - since this photo, we've also added RM Smith 2oz swimmers in white and parrot!
RM Smith FB plugs
This is a good comparison of the three sizes of RM Smith plugs - The big one is a RM Smith FB plug - it's a monster at 2 3/4oz. Then there's the RM Smith 2oz Bigeye Swimmer and the RM Smith 1oz Bigeye Peanut - all in my favorite Nightfish color!

They are amazing - and you can purchase the RM Smith Lures right from our online store!


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