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Albertos Knot

The Alberto Knot (Modified Albright)

by Ron (Arby) Bernknopf

The Alberto Knot is a modified Albright knot and is generally attributed to "Crazy" Alberto Knie. Alberto is a long standing contributor, rabid surf fisherman, and has fished all over the world. His articles and pictures have been published in numerous magazines.

The Alberto knot is an excellent knot for joining different diameter leaders to mono and/or leader-to-braid line connections. I use it for mono-to-Power Pro connections on teaser rigs for plugging and have yet to have the braid slip out or break off (due to knot failure) in the year that I've been using it. I like it better than a uni-to-uni knot connection and with a little practice, will make a small, compact knot which is pretty easy to tie...even in the dark. The only other drawing of this knot to be found on the internet is a quickly drawn picture and is a little difficult to decipher. When I decided to make the drawings in this article, I wanted to make it "Step by Step".

Step 1. - This is showing a braid line and a thicker leader line. (see figure 1)

Alberto's Knot - Step 1

figure 1.   

Step 2. - Make a loop with the leader (or thicker line) and hold between thumb and fore-finger. Insert the line in through the middle of the loop and wrap the braid (or smaller line) around the outside of the loop a minimum of 6 times. Some guys make up to 12 loops, but I find 6 to 8 fine for general purposes. (see figure 2)

Alberto's Knot - Step 2

figure 2.

Step 3. - This is the point where the Albright knot gets modified into an Alberto Knot. (In an Albright Knot, the braided line would be pulled back through the input to the loop at the end of Step 2. above.) For the Alberto modification, loop back the braid towards the point where you started (see  Step 2 above) using the same number of loops. It is important  to exit the braid back out of the thicker Leader loop in the same direction as you started the knot (see figure 3)

Alberto's Knot - Step 3

figure 3.

Step 4. -  Once Step 3 is completed, pull the leader loop and braided line in opposite directions holding all 4 lines and at the same time try to push the braided loops toward the center of the leader loop. None of the loops of braid should jump on top of or over the other loops of braid - this is important! If even one loop jumps out of line, start over or you chance a break off at the worst possible time! Once tight, this will make a small, extremely strong, knot. Snip the excess line as shown below and you are ready to go. (see figure 4)

Alberto's Knot - Finished

figure 4.

As I mentioned at the start, with a little practice, you will appreciate using this knot. I thank Alberto for showing it to me. Next, he'll have to show me some of his "secret" spotswink

Comments (4)

Great article thaks!!
Slack tide, rocks and wherever Choggy's are found. Thats where you'll find Alberto.
You'll also find it anywhere I've connected any type of line to any type of backing... braid to mono, fly line to dacron. Or even leaders to line, like flourocarbon to braid. I love that knot. I might over-use it!
been using this knot since shown to me at the saltwater show all year. it's a great knot
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