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Considering New Vise...rotary?

Paul Kukonen taught me to tie flies when I was 12. He taught me on a old Thompson, which he used until the day he died.All of Paul's extra money would have gone to his Jack Daniel's fund. His priorities were well established. Just saying.
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Welcome back!

I hope everyone can figure out how to post and stuff...cause I'm gonna be crazy busy getting the adverising and sponsor stuff back up as a first priority....they are helping pay the bills I still don't know when this is going to be finished...just getting this brief message up there so there's...
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A New Plague Sweeping Some Lakes

Freshwater Fishing Forum Apr 18 2015
The swarm arrives on 200 to 300 boat trailers.   It assembles in the 200 to 300 boats about dawn ish, in the "Start"  area and at a signal each boat takes off.   When first observed one might think there is  a high speed boat race taking place.   But they swarm all over t...
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Went Out Killing With My New Gun Today

The Enfield Forum Apr 18 2015
My daughter gave me a new gun for Christmas and it sat in the closet till today when I loaded it up, went on the porch with a cup of coffee and started killing anything that came within range. It's a Bug-A-Salt, shoots a pinch of salt like a shotgun, designed to kill flys. The flys weren't very c...
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Twisted Moby's For Large Dmag Dino Big Shot Swimmer,...

Plugs - Want to Trade Apr 18 2015
I have numerous Twisted Moby's and I am looking for a DMag Large Dino Big Shot Swimmer in the Weakfish color from this years Berkeley Show.  I would like to see if anyone has this and would like to trade before I go and post pictures of what I have.  I am looking for a mint one in the b...
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Wts/wtt Bass Radier Boat

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums Apr 18 2015
10ft bass radier good condition 2 swivel seats no trailer. $300, or will trade for bib 706 z and so cash, quality fresh water gear, please make me a offer .just brought a jon boat so wife wants this gone lol
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