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The Striped Bass Heritage Act - H.R. 2040

I was surprised the announcement of proposed legislation to make striped bass this countries National Fish got such a lukewarm reception from so many on the site last week. There was a lot of naysaying going on, but mostly a lot of misconceptions, probably because the text of the bill was not ava...
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Please, email me tims@stripersonline.com - when the conversion was done, the updated email addresses were NOT properly restored - so the two months of people updating their email addresses was for nothing...even if you are certain you updated your email address, it was more than likely over writt...
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More Yak Fishing Fun....

The Town Tavern A minute ago
A little more material for the yak-haters that live here......       Gotta give the guy a little credit for getting right back on the horse??.....      
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Bucktail Tying

Main Forum 7 minutes ago
I got the jigheads and Bucktail today, hopefully I'll have the thread and epoxy tomorrow. Here's a picture of what I got so far. I painted the jigs (did a crappy job) but I like how it looks already. I am hopefully going to save up and buy a bit more supplies. I can't wait to get tying though!...
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State Channel/Captree/Sore Thumb

Kayaking and Kayak Fishing Forum 8 minutes ago
I have never really fished these areas from a Kayak,1st season , they've always  looked good from the beaches. Any reports or suggestions. I've been fishing Point Lookout and Green Island ,  working my east.  
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WTS Stormr Typhoon jacket - Still has tags on it

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums 13 minutes ago
Selling a new with tags attached Stormr Typhoon Jacket.  Like new, with tags attached.  Size is Large but it wears a big. Asking $120 shipped to lower 50. Located in Wisconsin. Will take Paypal only, I will absorb the fee. Color is orange and gray.  Purchased on a whim about a year...
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The Town Tavern 13 minutes ago
I even checked my spam folder and still can't find the invite. Anyone going this year?
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Mycobacterium Infected Stripers - Who's seen them?

Coastal Maine/NH Fishing 23 minutes ago
I've seen a few, probably 1 in 15/20 fish, but nothing like those Zombie-photos on the Maine DMR website.  A few of them hardly any lesions, but today's had a very pronounced one along the gut flank.  At first I thought it was a mark from a seal attack, but definitely not.  Also ha...
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A Newly Wed Couple in Mexico.

The Town Tavern 36 minutes ago
A Mexican man married a crocodile. How much more disgusting can it get? This guy must be pretty screwed up... Here's the news article. "The mayor of a Mexican fishing town 'married' a crocodile dressed in a white gown yesterday, in a symbolic ceremony that's part of a local tradition. Before th...
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wtt circle hooks for smaller circle hooks

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums 37 minutes ago
  10 packs of 6/0 in-line circles......4 red.....6 black looking to trade for in-line circles in sizes 2,1 or 1/0 all or some
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July 4th fishing?

Fly Fishing Forum Today, 3:31 PM
What you all doing for the 4th weekend?  Any good fishing adventures.   Me.. probably just hitting my normal south LI shore and hopefully get up on a river and get the first smallmouth trip of the year in   have a good holiday   kerry    
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The Town Tavern Today, 3:20 PM
...are you???
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Yeti vs. Pelican Coolers

Main Forum Today, 3:12 PM
Hey guys! Tackle Shop guy asking you on your thought here. We carry both these coolers in the store and they are both great. Little suttle differences to them. But those differences could mean lasting longer or having some issues. The Yeti cooler has a simple design when it closes with the handle...
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Replacement Tubes for Plug Bags

Main Forum Today, 2:58 PM
Does anyone know where to get square 2"x2" PVC or something similar? I have a cheap plug bag that works great but the tubes are beginning to crack to pieces. I know I could go the HD round tube route, but the square tubes fit much better in the bag. Aquaskinz 5 tube insert is not an option given...
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Organic Food

The Town Tavern Today, 2:41 PM
Seems we've had a foodie trend lately in TTT.   Who does and who does not eat Organic.    I'll offer up my opinion on the topic.   Largest Government sponsored marketing scam of our lifetime.    
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macintosh update

The Town Tavern Today, 2:26 PM
https://support.appl.../en-us/HT204942   OS X Yosemite v10.10.4 and Security Update 2015-005 Admin Framework Available for: OS X Mavericks v10.9.5, OS X Yosemite v10.10 to v10.10.3 Impact: A process may gain admin privileges without proper authentication  
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Who Built The Pyramids ?

The Town Tavern Today, 2:18 PM
Aliens... am I right? 
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FS Fenwick 6wt. flyrod

Fly Fishing BST Forum Today, 2:12 PM
.For sale a Fenwick 8'  6wt flyrod FF806 *' 31/2 oz. Looks brand new , comes with sock and tube. $125 plus shipping ,paypal ok.
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Redbone 9foot 10wt and 12wt fishing rods

Fly Fishing BST Forum Today, 2:08 PM
I kept these 2 as backups, but I am not going to be using them.  They are both brand new, 9ft and 2pc.... one is a 10wt, the other is a 12wt. .   They come with a rod sock and rod case. Model numbers are rb6910, and rb6912. $50 per, picked up. or add $10 to ship
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I'll catch this bird for ya...

The Town Tavern Today, 2:03 PM
"... but it ain't gonna be easy. Bad fish. Not like going down the pond chasin' bluegills and tommycods."   'Nuther shark attack today on Ocracoke Island. 
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WTS sufix performance braid

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums Today, 1:58 PM
I have 2 new/sealed bulk 1200 yard spools of sufix performance braid in lo vis green 65lb test.  95 each plus 5 to ship.  
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