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The Striped Bass Heritage Act - H.R. 2040

I was surprised the announcement of proposed legislation to make striped bass this countries National Fish got such a lukewarm reception from so many on the site last week. There was a lot of naysaying going on, but mostly a lot of misconceptions, probably because the text of the bill was not ava...
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Please, email me tims@stripersonline.com - when the conversion was done, the updated email addresses were NOT properly restored - so the two months of people updating their email addresses was for nothing...even if you are certain you updated your email address, it was more than likely over writt...
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Recommendations for someone to replace rod line guides near Waltham/Cambridge

Massachusetts Fishing 37 minutes ago
I unfortunately discovered that lowest line guide and my eyelet have somehow broken apart between Wed & Fri.     I have a 10' 6" TFO that has been awesome until this recent discovery.   At the minimum I need to replace the eyelet and the lowest guide. Or I'll just replace the...
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Butt Cap Question

Rod Building Forum 46 minutes ago
I am not a builder so I don’t know. The rubber butt cap in the picture below turns my hand black. It doesn’t appear to be disintegrating; it just leaves a large black mark in the palm of my hand. Is there anything I can put on it to stop this, or do I just take it to a builder and get a new cap?
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Need a reel recommendation to match rod

Main Forum 48 minutes ago
I recently bought a 9' Airwave MH 1-3.75oz. Looking to match a reel for striper/blues plugs and lures and fluke setups. Preferably Penn products. I hear different things about the Battle Ii and Spinf. V. Leaning toward the SSV 5500. I currently have a crappy 50 size Shakespeare on it that fi...
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How Are Bodies of Water Classified?

Main Forum 59 minutes ago
I know I could Google this but thought a post would help to inform others as well. Oceans, Seas, gulfs, rivers, streams, creeks, lakes, ponds, whatever. What do you know?
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Looking for a Penn 705

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums Today, 10:25 AM
As the title says....looking for a penn 705 or other left handed 7-series....I want to make myself a custom so i'm not overly concerned about appearance but mechanically it should be sound....or on the flip side...if someone has a custom for sale....bailless...interested in seeing those as well....
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TA Clips & Larger Bucktails

Main Forum Today, 9:23 AM
Hi I was wondering has anyone else had trouble getting off an over 1.5 oz bucktail with a 125 TA clip? Had to go to heavier BT my last trip out due to the wind and the current acting together along with coming off a moon. This meant my spot had a current much faster than usual. This means a heavi...
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Lamiglas Tri-Flex Graphite Surf Rod 9'6'' ?'s

Main Forum Today, 9:05 AM
A friend of a friend is selling his for 125 bucks and I'm looking for some input on this particular rod...I'm looking to cast the usual stuff,sp minnows,bombers,bucktails 1- 2 oz. and some topwater plugs up to 3 oz. I'm gonna match it up with my Lethal 60 and/or my fierce 6000. I'm assuming the r...
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Freshwater Rods and Reels in Southern RI Stradic Ci4, Helios, Trio, Smoke

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums Today, 8:27 AM
I'm all salt, now.  If you're interested in picking up some really nice gear in excellent condition, here is your chance.   I get a bad tendinitis from casting/retrieving, so I went light with all my stuff to save my elbow and wrist.  All the reels have line on them and are in exce...
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Abu 6500CL Big Game Reel, Exc original version

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums Today, 6:53 AM
Let's try this again.... very little use, box and papers ... $158 shipped to US 48. Check, USPS MO or Paypal.
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How did this happen "3 fish single hook" the answer

Massachusetts Fishing Today, 6:47 AM
My friend Phil sent me his video "CT River, Mass CT border" this past Monday, I ask myself how did this happen and after a little research I think the following is the answer. Bass spawn there eggs at all levels of the water column so the males stay tight to her so to fertilize her eggs so when t...
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Question about Sore thumb and Gilgo access......

Long Island/NY Fishing Today, 12:43 AM
I remember a while back, Sore Thumb and Gilgo was separated by the Beach hut area and had signs up that stated you weren't allowed to enter the connecting beach.   Sometime last year, both signs were taken down and many buggies traveled from end to end and parked in front of the beach hut (m...
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FS: Torqeedo Ultralight 403 Electric Trolling Motor Brand New No Battery

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums Yesterday, 11:23 PM
For Sale :Torqeedo Ultralight 403 Electric Trolling Motor  without battery   Everything will be included like from the factory (except battery)    Price $1200 pick up    Everything is brand new with a factory box.Pictures upon request , but not necessary because...
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WTS Small Laptop

Buy/Sell/Trade Forums Yesterday, 11:15 PM
I have this older laptop for sale. My girlfriend decide that she wanted one when she saw mine. It ended up just sitting around. I recently upgraded it with a SATA II SSD. It's an 80Gb drive. A SD card can be added that can be used to store movies and music on if you want to add storage. I also up...
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SpaghettiOs = jailtime

The Town Tavern Yesterday, 10:14 PM
Here you go. one of the weirder arrests I've ever heard of... ****.com - Ashley Huff     Woman Spends A Month In Jail After Cops Mistake SpaghettiOs For Meth     Uh oh…   A Georgia woman was held in jail for one month after cops mistook sauce from a can of SpaghettiOs...
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Klams 2

Plugs - Want to Sell Yesterday, 10:00 PM
Lot 1 Bottle Darters 2.5 oz - $70 shipped Lot 2 Danny's 2.3 oz - $70 Shipped Lot 3 Danny Divers 2.6oz - $70 shipped Lot 4 Gibbs Style Needles 2.0 oz - $70 shipped Lot 5 Needles 1.5 oz - $70 Shipped    
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gimbal for surf rods?

PENN Fishing Yesterday, 9:40 PM
I just recently bought a 10' Penn Prevail surf rod and a friend gave me an 11 1/2' Penn Power Stick surf rod. I love the rods but i was wondering if there was a way to put a gimbal on the ends of them so that they will be more stable when sitting in the rod holder or so i dont have to remove the...
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Fluke Surprise

New Jersey Fishing Yesterday, 9:39 PM
 Bet there will be quite a few flukers , especially new guys, gonna hear some  drags screamin on thier light fluke reels when some of these big blues pick up   thier bucktail / gulp combos. Id like to see pics of some big guys landed on fluke  gear. Goodluck.
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Opinions on a fishing platform for saltwater

Kayaking and Kayak Fishing Forum Yesterday, 9:33 PM
I'm looking for a good saltwater ( occasional freshwater) fishing kayak. Mostly Cape Cod bay stuff, occasional North shore as well. Brand new to it. ( price range $1000-1500). I'm a big guy, 6'3" and 275 lbs. Any suggestions? Hobie is out due to pricing. I will also use this while wadin...
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